Published on June 30, 2017 (Updated on June 30, 2017)

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Lol f u I hate this SHlT lol doesn’t work scam don’t download injects virus to ur device lol lol lol
Dude, this is an old add-on from 2017 of course it doesn't work anymore.
It does not work for me! I can only go through a one gap hole. Is this because I'm beta? Please tell me.
It doesn’t really work for me I’m ios
What is wrong with it
All you did was make the player really small. If I wanted an ant player addon, I would have used my addon maker.
That One Dude That Has A Very Long And Abnoxious name that you dont want to read but you read it anyway January 11, 2018 at 9:36 pm
The idea is what counts genius, if your so smart then why didnt you think of something like this before this guy did? And you must not be so smart because you use an add on maker instead of the cold hard code.
I think the creator used a pack creator xd there are many files that are not being used in the pack and P.S its not rlly no clip tbh
just use no clip
Can response pack I'm trying to be invisible to my servers
Nice map it's pretty fun I loved it
Great love only problem is glitchy please add a on off button for this or a fly button so we don't have to be in creative
I think it would be better if you change adventure mode to spectator mode instead of creative mode
I can't download, when I press skip ad it sends me to a scam site
Tip for you, if you get to the sight, click skip ad. After that you might see something saying "NEVER TELL YOUR PASSWORD IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE REAL ADF.LY SITE". Go around and as weird as this sounds, highlight some random words in the section. After that, it should bring you to the download link. I hope you found this helpful. ~ShaneTheRager
and u have to wait for the "NEVER TELL YOUR PASSWORD IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE REAL ADF.LY SITE" to pop up, and read the top, it says redirecting wait for a bit longer and then, u can download
hey John the Editor! can you tell the community to make a addon like anti-explode( blow ) ? cuz there are many good addons but they destroy structures!
So its practically like spectate mode? AWSOME!
LOVE it plus it’s a behavior pack so nobody can cheat. Great job! :)
Haha fun Addon for being like a ghost! FIRST COMMENT BTW!!!
No masterflame was first comment
Good, I managed to put it on servers. JK
But still its really useful for creative to go into big buildings you've created instead of breaking blocks or going around the whole thing and find an entrance