Published on August 31, 2022 (Updated on October 03, 2022)

Gods of Valhalla v1.1 [Addon for 1.19+]

*Mythological bosses, weapons and transportation *Medieval Viking gods *Inspired by the real historical compilations of the major and minor Eddas, about the Norse gods (Not Marvel).In this addon you will find a tool to create a story in your survival game; It is very good to start a survival series with friends, since with this complement you can develop a process of fulfilling main and secondary objectives that will lead you to be stronger with your progress. In this addon you will be able to enjoy 11 mythological bosses (8 gods and 3 bestial creatures), 7 added structures, 1 of them huge. 13 new lower level enemies and 21 new weapons. Enjoy learning a bit about the Vikings and their beliefs. Skall!

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-Entities are faster.

-Now the chances of entities dropping runes and minerals are lower.

- Jormungandr's size has been changed.

-Thor's animations have been improved, as well as his behavior.

-Changed the tomb structure.

-The Berserker entity now spawns naturally on the surface of the overworld.

-All gods have more health.

-Rune no longer give effects to the player that caused them to become immortal.

-Large structure generators can no longer be broken by players in survival and adventure mode.


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