By Editor
Published on June 22, 2015 (Updated on December 29, 2017)

Golem World PE Mod (Android)

I cannot find this for windows 10
Where is bedrock golem
.modpkg is no longer supported in blocklauncher.
Is amazing and cool and I gonna cheat
Is amazing and cool ???
That is fantastic and amazing and cool
Any chance you will make it for iOS
Every time I try to hit the golem with a paper of awakenimg it doesn't do anything plz help
You need to craft it on Pumpkin to become golems head not Hit him with awakening
sir, this mod not working at mcpe,
It’s the best best mod
Not working for me.
This Addon Is Amazing
There Was Different type of Golem
I didn't work for me :(
So do it or face my upset face AND THIS IS MY UPSET FACE

° °