Published on February 15, 2022 (Updated on February 23, 2022)

Goose’s Creations v1.0.00 Official Release

Has minecraft felt boring to you? If so, then this addon would be for you, I added lots of new mobs and items, and I’m planing to add ALOT more stuff to the addon. But currently there might be some unknown bugs and the sounds of the mobs use the sounds of vanilla mobs, I’m looking for help in making the sounds and hopefully I can find someone to help me with the sounds soon.

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nice addon. But why do some of the mobs act like goats my capybaras keep escaping my swamp enclosure plssssssssssss fix this
The ent you made is an exact copy from sully's ent, this is not tolerated and I order you to remove it from the addon, or make a more original ent. If you are not going to cooperate, I would, unfortunately, have to report this with the support of Sully himself.
Listen gibbresh, It’s not a copy of sully’s one, I was highly inspired by his one, I am sorry if you feel hurt cuz I’m getting inspired by sully’s design but I don’t want to remove it because it took me a long time to recreate it and get a nice redwood texture similar to the ones I would see in other mods, and the model took long time to make, I will ask Sully if I can keep it in my addon but for the time being I will not remove it
bien et cool un petit addon super simple
merci, aussi si vous avez des suggestions je pourrais les ajouter