Published on February 25, 2020 (Updated on February 25, 2020)

Gopnik Award Mod (Add-on)

Hey, gopniks and slavaboos! Have you been looking for something like the golden coin that has something cheeki breeki? Well, now you have it! I, or WE will introduce you the Gopnik Award Mod! 

Supported Minecraft versions

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Purely Blyatiful...
I really like it but will you add more slavic flags?
Watch Life of Boris on YouTube and you'll get it
yes another veiwer
comrade i need help on downloading this addon blyat
Your right comrade downloading is blyat
My niece said this was sadism because there wasn't anything german. Please add a GERMAN badge so she stops pestering me.
Shut up Anti-Gopnik. Go download Bavarian Addon.
Видно, что автор Русский :D
Neighbor Vadim may have disliked this; but I will update this addon soon.
I think you can join the sickle hammer, the weapon damage is spike, and join the Adidas suit ВДВ
It may be useless but it is cool if you like messing around as a Russian so stop being such a toxic jerk, if you say that then there wouldn't be even half of the mods on this site because they are 'useless' in your eyes
This is completely useless, except for if your roleplaying. I suggest deleting it. What is the point if all it's going to do is take up storage?
Why would you download it if you think it’s useless? Some of us like it just for the meme lol. Why you so upset?
8=D suck my B a l l s western SPIES!
Cool :D
But uselessly