Granny: Bedrock Edition (Horror) [Adventure]

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Hello author, this map of yours is very good, can I transfer this map of yours to the Minecraft NetEase version?
How do u start it
How do you play it like start it?
I have never played on this map before. Maybe I can play on it today.
Did you ever play on it?
put a saddle on the pig August 17, 2019 at 1:15 am
I have never played on this Granny map before in Minecraft. By I’ll try and escape on the real life horror game.
Talking his granny bedrock Minecraft update is PE
Crepper, I like your maps. SO COOL!!!
Please make a baldi map.
How about replaying the map?
Hello guys
I made granny map with 512x512 textures!
I send it to
wait for submission!!
there are no bugs and lags in my map!
fixed bugs:
1.granny can't kill you in your spawn point!
2.granny can open doors!
3.if you find master key you can't escape until you for example you didn't break the woods with hammer or you didn't use the padlock key!!
4.awsome textures!
5.I added game settings (e.g difficulty, darker, music) to the map!!
but you don't have any submissions it's been 3 years
I Love it???
That is my wife granny i will playinf it
I was playing granny earlier O_o
I Want Granny Map How Install That