By Editor
Published on April 05, 2016 (Updated on April 05, 2016)

Grappling Hook Mod

hey do you mind making a Mcaddon. file? the current one is a Js. file (java script).
but mods arent .js files, they are .mcaddon or .mcpack
Why is the download a javascript file?
When i double click it - nothing happens, is it a mobile only mod?
will this work on any version?
make this an addon please
Dear Editor
I downloaded the mod but somehow it says it may harm my computer, I clicked download and I got it from mediafire but when I clicked download on mediafire it did nothing so I decided to save it into a file and I tried to install it from there but it did nothing either and that's where I found out it may harm my computer, I clicked "whats the risk?" on the bottom of the tab and it showed multiple reasons on google showing why it may harm my computer but hopefully it may be fixed soon, thank you :D

please inform me when it is fixed, for now have a great day :>
Its safe. It just auto say it. (Sorry for my English)
How do you download it?
Hey this could be like attack on titan!
How do I download this? Plz answer cuz it doesn’t work for me
I can’t download plz help me it doesn’t work
How do i download this? Van anybody please tel me
Someone can help me..i cant download it plss answer
U need to change the effect when u
Grapple on
To something
The link don't work?