Published on December 31, 2018 (Updated on February 07, 2019)

GraveStone Script / Addon (1.9. & 1.10)

This add-on will make a gravestone spawn when a player dies at its position. Destroying the gravestone will loot whatever items the player had on them at the time of death. It's really useful for roleplay, or for multiplayer if you're playing a lot of PvP. Creator: MisteFr, Twitter Account Credits: Thanks to Enely (Twitter) for the model and the animation. Updated: 4 January, 2018 (read changelog)

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Add support for 1.10 beta (added the .mcAddon for 1.10).

In the 1.10 version, the items are now correctly teleported too.


Supported Minecraft versions

Makasi banyak ADDON nya keren saya suka
Thanks you so much now my items and food wont f a fall in lava or impossible to reach places
Hey i think i typed to fast
1 gave me a virus once, I got rid of it thankfully, but I clicked skip ad?! So I no longer trust anymore I think everyone should use something different.
Where is the be 1.12 update coming
The Link Works It Is Just When The "Press Allow To Continue" Just Wait Then
or get a adblocker to avoid
It worked for me but doesn’t work for iOS :(
"press allow to continue" what the crap!
link for the 1.10.0 addon isn't working
The download link is broken, however I got the download off of another site.

The script graveyard entity file needs the min_version line removed to create the graveyard, otherwise it doesn’t work. Animations can be removed to make it similar to the java MC gravestone mod.

The script is not well designed. Errors are constantly thrown depending on the players position. These errors appear to be caused when the player is in the air, or not near a solid block. This causes a huge amount of errors output to screen, causing intense lag.

Also, as the script uses a 20 tick game update for determining player death, a large amount of lag is introduced. It would be better to pass a client death to the server, and have the server handle the death effects (gravestone placement, and location as a whisper to the client). This would vastly improve the lagginess.

I’m not sure how to better check for graveyard entity placement yet, but this should be improved to prevent the other errors from lagging the game.
What's the site?
It won’t download!!! Please fix the zip
How do I make my device run "scripts"
Ya es la 1.9 oficial como activo eso
The 1.10 link doesn't work for me
The link is broken. Sounds cool though.
1.9 Mcaddon download link broken