Published on February 07, 2017 (Updated on February 07, 2017)

GTA Street Wars Addon

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yo CJ this doesn't work
No not telling that January 09, 2020 at 2:29 am
But you could have replaced the the villager GS with Wolf Grove member so change the bone texture to money and absoluty change bonemeal to money pouch and bone block to money block so the vagos member will only drop it and you will be able to tame the wolf(grove) and they will follow you like they do in San Andreas and if you hit anything they will destroy it but don't forget to change there behaviour Coz in Minecraft They Can't shoot So make them so they can shot and Minecraft added crossbows so if you reading my guy then turn that to a weapon and turn the pilleger rto a gang and pillagers can ride ravagers so change ravagers to a car for only them but don't forget ravager jockeys(pillager riding it) spawns only in patrols and village raids so change the spwan rate of them too high so if you spwan one pillager there will be a 50% of a normal one or a car change the horse to only be a GSF(Grove Street Family) Car
I like when items don't get replaced because you can copy the item & change the texture without removing that item
Can you add the mafia,swat,FBI,and the military please I like the add on and i would love this on the add on
Omg nice addon!! I have a city map in my world to make it better. =D
You lied... In a good way. You said cops won't kill unless someone else tries to kill them, but it's the exact opposite when I used it. Cops will kill any gang members on sight!
This is a great mod but u should fix the
Ballas and add more guns and make the arrows into bullets and u should add Michael, Franklin, and Trevor that would make it better
Please add custom sounds to this add-on!!! This will make it even better
What is with the basket ball?
Cool I am ing the GTA sa map,RPG HUD pack,desnoguns mod and this add-on at the same time but I also add somtime the dirtbikes and the ford mustang add-on,It really makes me feel like playing GTA in MCPE.
To the editor I was experimenting and used this add-on with the mobzillla add on it basically replaced chain saw with a see thou axe Version and removed the scope on the bow/Mp5 also
Where are the people?
I don't know where the cops are please help
You need ti change the Arrow To become a Bullet , The Bow is replaced With 9mm Guns And Change the Gangs Sound : )
Why did you stole my Chainsaw Textures?!
best addon ever if combined with dirt bike addon and map,also I would love more of these realistic car addons, not like the minecar addons textures though, also liked the storage in the car.