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Published on May 01, 2018 (Updated on May 01, 2018)

GTA Wasted Screen Resource Pack

Installation Guides

bonjour ca ne marche pas pour le telecharger il faut mettre un lien direct
Its just like the games! Nice
There's no download. Can you update the link? :(
Yeh plz update link I rely really want dis
You can use the alternate link, it works (it's a .zip download)
Zips dont work on pocket edition. On .mcaddon files work and .mcworld files. Zip files go on Pc.
Zip files do work on mobile Mcpedl has a guid on how to do it.
1. Download the zip file
2. Tap on the zip file
3. A folder should appear with the zip file’s name.
4. Select the folder and hit the move button.
5. Go to on my iPhone then hit the Minecraft folder
6. Then hit games then con.mojang
7. Then select resource_packs then hit move. *the same thing works for behavior_packs and worlds just make sure after you click the right folder and hit move, the other folders I there are the worlds you have saved to your device.
I cant download :C
Hello! Uhm if possibly can you create another mcpack like this but with the sound of death is from Re:Zero? It woul be great!! And the Wasted title can be change with "Return by Death" text. This would be great if it became a project. :)
Now when you get killed randomly on a server for no reason ?. You feel better when you see a meme That tells you got WASTED! ㄴㅁㄴ
The download is not there, Can you PLEASE fix it?
ios solution: download zip file. make sure you have dropbox and then change zip file to .mcpack and then export it to minecraft
There's no download
At least the zip file works. Just rename the .zip part to .mcpack or move it to the proper filder
Oooo! Make one where the camera zooms put with wasted like in gta sa, the best one!
Can you make a resource pack to make a player say of when they die plz?
IS perfect
i love you please have my children
My cousin will heavily enjoy this. I must force him to join a world with this in it.
Why is there no wasted sound effect?
Turn up your volume xd
Is the best recourse pack of the world
I have been waiting for this forever for my gta map, thank you!