Published on March 02, 2021 (Updated on March 02, 2021)

Guard Chicken (Addon)

This addon adds 2 changes to the game the "Guard Chicken" and the "Guard Chicken Food". The main purpose of the guard chicken is to guard you from the mobs around you.

I have been working on some changes so you can ride it when tamed.

Important! must turn Experimental Gameplay On to work!

Story : 

A Robo Chicken, designed by the germans as a war weapon but all of them escaped and were now roaming in the wild. The americans however got a clever idea of taming them and so they tamed 1 escaped Robo Chicken SUCCESSFUL! they said now that it's tamed he will now guard us! this happened over and over until the once robo Chicken were now called "Guard Chickens" only a few of them is still out in the wild find them!

There were 2 additional changes to the game.

Guard Chicken:

HP = 80

Damage = 8 

Guard Chicken Food (Robo Apple):

5 coal

3 gold

1 apple

How to craft :

Guard Chickens can also be tamed. To tame them we need the Guard Chicken Food (Robo Apple)

Their biggest weakness is WATER! 

Easy way to obtain :

In creative mode you can look at your inventory and you will find both .

Have fun :)

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Improved spellings

Almost finished with a BIG UPDATE!


You will download a mcaddon which if you open will direct you to minecraft and it automatically adds the resource + addon.

Supported Minecraft versions

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Ai Adam Iskandar May 31, 2021 at 2:58 am
Wow i think this work for 1.16.20 and 1.16.40
Are you make this mod/addon on app "addon maker for minecraft"?