Published on August 08, 2021 (Updated on August 08, 2021)

Guess That!

Based on the board game "Guess Who", this map is a two player game about guessing what your opponent's item may be by taking turns on asking each other relative questions. Though short and simple, it can be as fun as you want it to be!

This map is based on the popular board game, "Guess Who".

The objective of the game is to find out what your opponent's item may be! Take turns with your opponent, and ask them questions about their item. If you feel confident, you can take a guess at what it could be!

How to Play:

When you start the game, you will appear in a different room with a barrel and a board filled with item frames. In the item frames will be a random selection of items and blocks. Inside of the barrel is your item, which should be one of the items/blocks that are on the board. The objective of this game is to find out what your opponent's item is before they do.

When you start your turn, you will be given an axe, and two signs will appear right below the board labeled "Ask" and "Guess". Simply use the axe to destroy one of the signs, and you will perform that action.

  • When you ask: Ask your opponent a yes or no question about their block, and they will have to answer honestly. Using your axe, eliminate any items on your board that you believe are not their block. When you are done, end your turn by pressing the button at the bottom of the board.
  • When you guess: A chest and a dropper will appear to the right of the board. Inside of the chest is all of the items that were on the board. Simply take the item that you believe is your opponent's, and then place it inside of the dropper. If you were correct, then you win. If you were incorrect, your opponent wins.

If you forget the rules, there is a rulebook inside the lobby and inside of the game rooms.

(Disclaimer 1: This map will only work with 2 players. Playing with any more or less may break the map)

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