Published on September 28, 2017 (Updated on October 24, 2017)

GunCraftZE Vanilla Edition [Survival]

GunCraftZE is a zombie survival minigame map which includes custom textures and behaviors  Choose the map which you want to fight (currently just one) and then fight the zombies to gain different perks. In that sense, it works similar to the original Call of Duty Zombie game. It should be noted that this is an early release and more features will be added each week. Creator: HipmanDesignzTwitter Account Updated: 24 October, 2017 (read changelog)


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    4.33 / 5 (24 votes)
    i wish there was a easter egg that would be cool
    Can I use this as a gun-only add on with no map/zombies if I wan too?
    This is a cool minigame! Always appreciate the effort you creators put into things like this.
    This is from CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 1 but still loved it the only thing that i hate is that there is no pack a punch
    Cool map although its very easy and few bugs tho :/
    This broke my main menu and I had to reinstall Minecraft PE and delete all my worlds, do not install unless you want a few minutes of gameplay and years of memories destroyed
    This is a amazing map but u should add more guns from the wall and the box and add pack a punch machine that enchants your weapon
    That was im looking for
    Worst thing ever It deleted all my worlds so this is the worst it also lags and it sux 0 stars
    This map is pretty cool but I think that that you guys really should add a few more guns. Like you could use eggs as guns or something. I also think that its too easy. I mean the zombies are almost never able to kill you. I think you should also add like a new boss to like replace the whither or something. Because all the other bosses are so simple to kill and they don't inflict that much damage. And last thing add like a story-line or something. In which you can go meet characters and you need to trade guns with them or something. That would be awesome. Again this is a great map.
    When are you adding the door system buyable guns and window barriers
    texture and behavior pack are both broken in v3 and Yes I have them equipped without any other pack