Published on May 21, 2016 (Updated on May 21, 2016)

GunCraftZE (Modded Map!) [Survival]

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Ola eu querua saber qual versão e que eu não sei qual e
There 2 texture .zip files which one do I use?
Seems like a cool game but it just sucks that iOS users cant get it :(
uhhhh this map is not modded so im can not find gun in my inventory
Did you even instal block launcher or if it still doesnt work then its mostlikely because this was made 6 YEARS AGO bro how do you expect a map from 6 YEARS AGO to work in the 1.18 update
I ain’t gonna try it
Is there a way to download and use this map on iOS without a Computer? My friend told me to download this map but I'm on iOS and not jailbroken.
No this is specifically for Android only
Exact.modsOffical April 01, 2017 at 6:21 am
I downloaded the zip file when I try to open it it says bad zip file can you help
bff whith a creper March 29, 2017 at 11:08 am
HI editor can you make a map that you are a famous youtuber and you have to work outh to get subs?
i am on windows 10 can you please send me a link to download block luncher
Hey editor, does it work for mcpe
What version of minecraft pe is this for
This is a great I have been wiatig for a map like this
Hmmmm . It works perfectly
**error code**
Make sure you have the latest versions of BlockLauncher and Minecraft Pocket Edition by going to Google Play and find each app. If there is an update button somewhere on that page then press it to update your applications.
Hey editer I did the steps that you said and then I went to the world guncraft ZE world and then a million errors come out and then it crashes. Can youplease find a suliosion for this and please respond.
Please copy and paste the errors here.
It doesn't work well. When I go into the map that you upload, it crashes. I'm sure that my game is the lastest verson and I did the step that you said. How can I do? But the other mods works well. I will expect for your helpable respond.
It might be outdated.
Excuse me but please link the texture packs and add ons
It says resource pack crash
You have to take out any resource packs then try