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Published on December 20, 2016 (Updated on December 20, 2016)

Half Heart Survival [Parkour] (Addon!)

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No checkpoints -.-
Guys y are you stuck all of it?
The ultimate rage ending game. LOVE IT
Does completing level 1 is possible ? For me its not i suck at it, but its a great map
when i die i always restart in the first level and im at lvl 3
How do u Ger the invisible texture pack please!!! B t w i really liked your map
Ya the first level is the hardest, actually. You need to sprint off the tree onto the log WITHOUT JUMPING. Then sprint onto pot and move enough to get through doorway.
When i look in the comments i see " im stuck on level 9" WELL IM STUCK ON THE FIRST LEVEL
Minecraft_Is_Awesome May 12, 2017 at 3:47 pm
Everyone is like: it's soooo hard, can't get past lvl 9!

I be like: *after 30min of trying to complete lvl 1* flips the table and leaves
Why do you instantly drown? Please fix.
Your meant to instant drown so you can't use the water
I'm reading all the comments they're like "h I'm stuck on level 9" or whatever I'm stuck on friggin level 3 ??
So hard, I delete that world!
I can't get past level nine it's so freaking hard it's probably the worst level ever
this addon makes you insta-drown. Cool!
Thanks guys! :)