Published on October 31, 2016

Halloween Town [Creation]

Installation Guides

The Mcworld won't work please fix!!!!!
Are there ores to be found in this map? I only really play survival and I was wondering if I can get away with not farming iron and stuff
Please update
It said it was claimed by google and i can’t download it can you please tell me how to download it?
Yeah that happened to me too and I REALLY want this=/
How do I download the Halloween town world?
i can't dl the McWold :(
Thank u for making this map. I loved it.
There is no map and what half the stuff looks like in your inventory looks normal in the world also the other way around please fix
Your a liar all the world is is just a normal world
Just saying the texture pack comes with the map
It does not go to a site it goes blank with no info! Help plez >*~*>
Can someone please make a lumpy space map that you can teleport through so I can make a map in it with the adventure time tree house and ice kingdom and all of the other place including the nether palace from marceleens dad. I can make texture pack so becuase I have an iOS. PLEAAAASE!!!
Yeah, oh and if you want more scare put in the command /weather thunder. I've done it and it was awesome,but some trees were on fire,oh and dig straight down from your spawn and you'll find a Christmas area(all is true).
You can also just go into the woods to find the Christmas door....
Umm when i download it keeps stopping!
Please please help me it won't let me download the actual world
Just wait for five minutes (Don't Touch Screen) then you will have it. The same thing happens to me