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Published on March 18, 2018 (Updated on March 18, 2018)

Hand Island [Custom Terrain]

Hand Island is a huge island shaped as the palm of a hand. At the main center of the island you will find a forest and some mountains. And at the fingers (which are basically peninsulas) you'll find a hilly terrain with beach coastlines and trees. Surrounding the island there is a huge ocean. However, if you travel far enough you'll eventually reach some mainland. The map is useful for both survival gameplay and for creative building.

Creator: I RedPenguin ITwitter Account


Important: This file exceeds 25 MB!

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4.25 / 5 (12 votes)
i would like to see a java version of this map
ur lookin on mcpedl
I don't know how such a thing came to your mind.
But I like it<3
This is a really cool giant hand in minecraft
Cool map, but why is there no PALM trees? Hehe
it'll come in HANDy to confuse people
Can I use this for my Cruise ship
There's is no diamonds in this map I've been searching forever
Can I use this for a map
There is no sugarcane
Nice! I could use it to make a tiny Neighbourhood for each finger and a plaza or something in the palm!
Amazing also weird but cool
Amazing aslo weird but cool
Amazing aslo weird but cool
FRICK this. I spawned in a FRICKING HOLE that goes straight through the world. I had to go into creatove just to actually survive for more than 5 seconds!!