Published on September 29, 2016

Hang Him! [Adventure]

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Hello sir, is it alright if I wise your map for a Minecraft country music video? I'll credit you at the end, or the start. It depends
on when I edit the video. Just let me know if you are online and if I could use the map. :)
I can’t even play it it’s a zip archive!! Negative stars.
Is there a version without the story so I can just have a map?
Princess Consuela April 29, 2018 at 9:12 pm
Um what is the relic supposed to be? Cause I am sooooooo confused. Please help!
I’m kinda stuck, I’ve been going NW but I can’t find the natives. All I found was a cave and some people trying to get me to find a bloodstone. Are thebloosdtone people the natives? I didn’t need to say anything about Jonathan sending me...
Where are the natives
I have found the natives what do I do next,I have been trying for about a week
The headman is supposed to have a quest for you, maybe the redstone for that is broken.
Where is the sanctuary to put the idol in
What do you do after the REAL slicer jake dies in the mine?
I don't get this map... Om just going back and forth trying to understand what to do
Where is the mountain
So I went to find the relic, and I found where I assumed it would be (not the obvious contraption in the middle) and it wasn't in there. Should I re download?
please recommend an old west creation map