Published on October 25, 2022 (Updated on September 13, 2023)

HANGMAN (A Horror Classic Experience)

One Day You(Steve) and Alex are playing hangman on paper. You start wondering what happens to the man you are hanging. Suddenly you get pulled in to the game by a hand. You wake up to find yourself in a black void, on further inspection you see a wall of letters with buttons underneath them. Opposite to them, you see underlines and... a noose. You click one of the buttons and it disappears right in front of your eyes. you turn around, there is a letter above one of the underlines. you press a different button, The noose suddenly has a head on it! that's when you realize. this is a game of hangman, just like what you and Alex where playing. Can you solve the puzzle and lift the hangman curse, or will you fill the hangman and get killed.

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  • Fixed Command Block bug that broke the entire map
  • Added a new fancy title
  • Filled in an broken block in the map

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make the victims black men and have the players lynch them
why is it not working to me😭😭
wow my friend got scared lol she said she is traumatized hahhahaaha she hates hangman now lol thanks btw love it!
lol the jumpscare scary
bruh it's so good the game crash
Random onion boi28182937 October 27, 2022 at 3:14 am
Fun fact: You fell asleep after making this map. I found the secret, woohoo to me.