Published on September 17, 2019 (Updated on May 31, 2020)

Happy Family Addon 1.0.5

Do you like Family Roleplay? But you have no friends to play with?

Dont be sad!! Let me introduce you an addon that looks like "Comes Alive Mod" on Minecraft PC!!

This addon will not change any Default Entities Behavior and Resources in minecraft.

This addon will only add new entities with unique features like have a girlfriend / boyfriend, married with your favorite entities that have different skins ( Boys & Girls ), have a kid from them and have a new pet ( Dog ) with various skins.

Video Preview

Watch the video preview to get detailed information about the addon.


Since this addon still fresh. Just 3 skin available for boys and 4 skin available for girls. I will do research and make a vote for new boys and girls skin on my personal website. This will make your favorite skin have a chance to added in this addon.

Click the link bellow:

Post your favorite skin on comment section with type the dirrect link to your favorite skin from another site


It means relation status with the entities that stand in front of you. 

You can check your relation with the entities by pressing Shift or Sneak button.

Nothing - Friend - Girlfriend / Boyfriend - Wife / Husband

To become friends with another entities.

Hold an item called "Phone Number" and stand closely near your target. Then you will become friends with your target.

When you succefully become a friend with the target, Health bar of your target will appear on top right screen.

To make them become your Girlfriend/Boyfriend, and also Married with them. You can watch the Video Preview Above.

Cooking Skill

Now the girls have a cooking skill.

You can ask your wife to cook non cooked meat into cooked meat.

Only 5 meat can be cooked for now.

  1. Chicken
  2. Beef
  3. Mutton
  4. Rabbit
  5. Porkchop

*Known bug:

Make sure your wife have finished their task to cook before you speed up your wife to get pregnant. if you ask your wife when she pregnant you will not able to cook again until you find a new wife xD.

Another Skill will available on the next update


When you have succefully married with your favorite Boys / Girls. They will get pregnant after 1 hour. And spawn a baby after another 1 hour.

You can use an item called "Clomiphene" to speed up the pregnant process.

To get "Clomiphene" use command

/give @s entity:clomiphene

After your baby spawned, they will become a toddler after  1hour. You can speed up the process with an item called "Booneto".

To get "Booneto" use command

/give @s entity:booneto


Ive added new animal to the addon ( Dog )

The dog itself have various skin, but only 2 available for now

  1. Beagle
  2. Dalmation
  3. Pug
  4. Poodle


Custom idle sound have been added to the Girls to make your gameplay more fun.


To get all items from this addon, type : /function hf


You can get various items from your Wife / Husband by ask them for doing task.
5 Jobs available in this version
  • Mining
  • Fishing
  • Logging
  • Farming
  • Hunting
But the most important! You need to reach Married Status with the Boys/Girls to ask them doing tasks.

  • Hunting

You can get various item from animals like Raw Meat, Animal Skin, Wool, etc.

Equip "Bow" in your hand then the task button will appear.

  • Farming

You can get various item from farm like Seed, Fruits, Wheat, etc.

Equip "Diamond Hoe" in your hand then the task button will appear.

  • Mining

You can get various item like Ores, Ingots, Stones, etc.

Equip "Diamond Pickaxe" in your hand then the task button will appear.

  • Fishing
You can get various fish from fishing
Equip "Fishing Rod" in your hand then the task button will appear.

  • Logging

You can get various items from Logging like Planks, Log wood, etc.

Equip "Diamond Axe" in your hand then the task button will appear.

The tasks have some delay (1minute), before your Wife/Husband can do another task .

Your Wife/Husband will unable to move when the delaying time activate.

Furniture / Decoration

In version 1.0.5, Furniture and decoration has been added to the addon. It contains:

  • Oven

Oven can be used for cooking. Not like Cooking task on Boys & Girls. Cooking with oven have no delay. But you will only get 1 cooked meat from the oven each 1 meat. ( Cooking task with Boys & Girls will give you 2 cooked meat for 1 meat.

  • Coffee Maker

This furniture cant be used yet. Just only for decoration for now. Will add some feature in future update.

  • Trees

Trees has been added to the addon. Only 2 Trees available for now. Im still making the models for other trees.

The Trees just can be used for decoration for now and will get their own feature in future update like Collecting their fruits. So you can do farming fruits with this addon in future.

Egg spawner for trees not available on creative mode for now for some reason. But you can spawn them by using command

/summon entity:bananatree

/summon entity:coconuttree

The trees will growing up after period time. Or speed up the progress with "fertilizer"

  • Toilet

Feature for this entity not added yet.

  • Bath Tube

Feature for this entity not added yet.

use command 

/function oven

/function toilet

/function bathtube

/function coffeemaker

To rotate the entities



  • Hungry Condition

Sometime the Babies and Toddler will feel hungry.

When hungry they will crying. you will noticed if they hungry by looking at their face, or press sneak to see their status.

You need to feed them with Milk, (you can get them from command "function /hf").

If you dont feed them, they will turn into "Sick Condition" in 30 minutes".

  • Sick Condition

If this happen, the babies and toddler need more care than hungry condition.

You need to feed them with milk many times till their status back to normal.

Make sure you have enabled Experimental Gameplay Option on World Map Setting


Since the addon still fresh, i have a plan on future update:

  • Add job system to the boys & girls that will help you in survival gamemode
  • Add some furniture to make the addon looks more cool
  • Add new pet skin
  • Add new boys & girls skin

Select version for changelog:


New Skin for the Teenager 

New Humanoid Walking Animation

New Condition System for Babies & Toddler

Fix Item "Cleaner"

Fix Command "function"

Fix Baby Holder


  • Download Behavior & Resources mcpack file
  • Install them by click/tap them
  • Minecraft will opened automatically and wait the Mcpack installed

Follow this step to install the MCAddon

  • Install the mcaddon by clicking or tap the file
  • Select minecraft
  • Wait till the Resources pack and the behavior pack installed

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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can you make it so that way it goes straight to mediafire so i can download it
We need the latest update
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Media fire or linkverise pls
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Lol I Love the Addon!
i cant download the mod it sounded soooo goo though
please make it 1.17(beta)
Can you make this for education edition and make it so you dont have to enable experimental mode?
I tried this mod in Minecraft education edition and you don't need experimental gameplay just download it and activate it in a new world
I Love This Add-on! Please Update For 1.17 2021 :)