Happy Family Addon 1.0.5

Do you like Family Roleplay? But you have no friends to play with?

Dont be sad!! Let me introduce you an addon that looks like “Comes Alive Mod” on Minecraft PC!!

This addon will not change any Default Entities Behavior and Resources in minecraft.

This addon will only add new entities with unique features like have a girlfriend / boyfriend, married with your favorite entities that have different skins ( Boys & Girls ), have a kid from them and have a new pet ( Dog ) with various skins.

Video Preview

Watch the video preview to get detailed information about the addon.


Since this addon still fresh. Just 3 skin available for boys and 4 skin available for girls. I will do research and make a vote for new boys and girls skin on my personal website. This will make your favorite skin have a chance to added in this addon.

Click the link bellow:

Post your favorite skin on comment section with type the dirrect link to your favorite skin from another site


It means relation status with the entities that stand in front of you. 

You can check your relation with the entities by pressing Shift or Sneak button.

Nothing – Friend – Girlfriend / Boyfriend – Wife / Husband

To become friends with another entities.

Hold an item called “Phone Number” and stand closely near your target. Then you will become friends with your target.

When you succefully become a friend with the target, Health bar of your target will appear on top right screen.

To make them become your Girlfriend/Boyfriend, and also Married with them. You can watch the Video Preview Above.

Cooking Skill

Now the girls have a cooking skill.

You can ask your wife to cook non cooked meat into cooked meat.

Only 5 meat can be cooked for now.

  1. Chicken
  2. Beef
  3. Mutton
  4. Rabbit
  5. Porkchop

*Known bug:

Make sure your wife have finished their task to cook before you speed up your wife to get pregnant. if you ask your wife when she pregnant you will not able to cook again until you find a new wife xD.

Another Skill will available on the next update


When you have succefully married with your favorite Boys / Girls. They will get pregnant after 1 hour. And spawn a baby after another 1 hour.

You can use an item called “Clomiphene” to speed up the pregnant process.

To get “Clomiphene” use command

/give @s entity:clomiphene

After your baby spawned, they will become a toddler after  1hour. You can speed up the process with an item called “Booneto”.

To get “Booneto” use command

/give @s entity:booneto


Ive added new animal to the addon ( Dog )

The dog itself have various skin, but only 2 available for now

  1. Beagle
  2. Dalmation
  3. Pug
  4. Poodle


Custom idle sound have been added to the Girls to make your gameplay more fun.


To get all items from this addon, type : /function hf


You can get various items from your Wife / Husband by ask them for doing task.
5 Jobs available in this version
  • Mining
  • Fishing
  • Logging
  • Farming
  • Hunting
But the most important! You need to reach Married Status with the Boys/Girls to ask them doing tasks.
  • Hunting
You can get various item from animals like Raw Meat, Animal Skin, Wool, etc.
Equip “Bow” in your hand then the task button will appear.
  • Farming
You can get various item from farm like Seed, Fruits, Wheat, etc.
Equip “Diamond Hoe” in your hand then the task button will appear.
  • Mining
You can get various item like Ores, Ingots, Stones, etc.
Equip “Diamond Pickaxe” in your hand then the task button will appear.
  • Fishing
You can get various fish from fishing
Equip “Fishing Rod” in your hand then the task button will appear.
  • Logging
You can get various items from Logging like Planks, Log wood, etc.
Equip “Diamond Axe” in your hand then the task button will appear.
The tasks have some delay (1minute), before your Wife/Husband can do another task .

Your Wife/Husband will unable to move when the delaying time activate.

Furniture / Decoration

In version 1.0.5, Furniture and decoration has been added to the addon. It contains:

  • Oven

Oven can be used for cooking. Not like Cooking task on Boys & Girls. Cooking with oven have no delay. But you will only get 1 cooked meat from the oven each 1 meat. ( Cooking task with Boys & Girls will give you 2 cooked meat for 1 meat.

  • Coffee Maker

This furniture cant be used yet. Just only for decoration for now. Will add some feature in future update.

  • Trees

Trees has been added to the addon. Only 2 Trees available for now. Im still making the models for other trees.

The Trees just can be used for decoration for now and will get their own feature in future update like Collecting their fruits. So you can do farming fruits with this addon in future.

Egg spawner for trees not available on creative mode for now for some reason. But you can spawn them by using command

/summon entity:bananatree

/summon entity:coconuttree

The trees will growing up after period time. Or speed up the progress with “fertilizer”

  • Toilet

Feature for this entity not added yet.

  • Bath Tube

Feature for this entity not added yet.

use command 

/function oven

/function toilet

/function bathtube

/function coffeemaker

To rotate the entities



  • Hungry Condition

Sometime the Babies and Toddler will feel hungry.

When hungry they will crying. you will noticed if they hungry by looking at their face, or press sneak to see their status.

You need to feed them with Milk, (you can get them from command “function /hf”).

If you dont feed them, they will turn into “Sick Condition” in 30 minutes”.

  • Sick Condition

If this happen, the babies and toddler need more care than hungry condition.

You need to feed them with milk many times till their status back to normal.

Make sure you have enabled Experimental Gameplay Option on World Map Setting


Since the addon still fresh, i have a plan on future update:

  • Add job system to the boys & girls that will help you in survival gamemode
  • Add some furniture to make the addon looks more cool
  • Add new pet skin
  • Add new boys & girls skin

Changelog View more

New Skin for the Teenager 

New Humanoid Walking Animation

New Condition System for Babies & Toddler

Fix Item "Cleaner"

Fix Command "function"

Fix Baby Holder

- Add new Skin for boys

- Add new Skin for girls

- Add Furnitures & Decorations

- Teenager has been added and Fixed

- Add 1 new skin for Boys

- Add 1 new skin for Girls

- Add trees for future update

- Add crafting recipes item on Note Book Guide

- Players will get "Happy Family Addon Guide" Note Book when create new world

- Now the babies cant move and only sit

- Fixing item "Baby Holder" ( Can be used for holding the babies on your shoulder )

- Changing Growing time for the babies from 1 hour to 2 hours

- The Babies and the Dogs will drop a poopy every 5 minutes to make the game more realistic

- Add item "Cleaner" ( Can be used for cleaning the poopy )

- Add customized sound idle and hurt for the babies

  • Change Feeding method on Girls
  • Change Feeding method on Boys
  • Change Feeding method on Baby
  • Change Growing up duration from 12000 seconds into 1 hour for Girls, Boys, Baby
  • Now support and works fine on 1.13+ official (Not BETA) and 1.14+(BETA)

Link download updated since my website changed . im really sorry for this.

- Custom idle and hit sound for the girls

- New variant skin for the girls

- New variant skin for the boys

- New cooking skill for the girls

- 2 New variant skin for the pet ( Dog )


  • Download Behavior & Resources mcpack file
  • Install them by click/tap them
  • Minecraft will opened automatically and wait the Mcpack installed

Follow this step to install the MCAddon

  • Install the mcaddon by clicking or tap the file
  • Select minecraft
  • Wait till the Resources pack and the behavior pack installed


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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197 Responses

3.78 / 5 (86 votes)
  1. KineticLawyer42 says:

    It Won’t Download Can You Do Mediafire Instead?
    FOr Me To Download It?

  2. TheCrazyCatLady133 says:

    I can’t download it, the link takes me to some rando website and there’s no download button there.

  3. Guest-9296122858 says:

    Pls change the buttons to normal

  4. Guest-7933443579 says:

    I do not know how to get married

  5. Guest-4787426000 says:

    This looks so cool but do you need to be on beta? Also dose this work for Xbox?? plz respond or can someone tell me if it works ?

  6. Guest-2463108078 says:

    I haven’t played it yet but I think you should make the pets look more like Minecraft pets and the items like Minecraft

  7. Candy H. says:

    Hey! Also Awesome add-on! I would like to request for a couple of things to be added or changed :3
    1.) May you please change the skins into a more HD outlook aka 128×128 compatibly {also if possible maybe add an option to change each of the skins of the NPCs separately?}
    Finally Thank You So Much for Creating this Awesome Add-on! ????

  8. Guest-2702667049 says:

    i cant see the status when i sneak. However great add on

  9. Guest-9608629256 says:

    does this work for windows 10 ???

  10. lol add to have s2x with them xD

  11. Guest-9402552685 says:

    If I hit her hard enough will it rest the pregnancy?

  12. Guest-5163752138 says:

    Are you able to add a pathfinding system to this addon? Like, make the boys and girls chop trees, locate and find ores and minerals, seek and kill mobs and animals for food?

  13. Guest-7916602265 says:

    I have some requests can you add it?

    —-Add Boobs to it like girls in Minecrafts? or just not add it.

    —-Add other voices like “Wanna be friends?”

    —-Make them interact with eachother

    —-Make them sleep at night

    —-Make them hold things or naturally holding a phone

    just that

  14. The humans have better waking animations now?

  15. this is +18est add-on for Minecraft bedrock edition . good job xd

  16. Guest-3217270889 says:

    Does this work on realms? I can’t seem to get the /function hf to work.

  17. Guest-7524715707 says:

    I need to know how to kill just one of the girl and boy npcs, I’ve tried /kill @e but that kills everything in the world. If you could add a way to easily kill the npcs you spawn in a future update that would be great because your going to have to spawn in more than one at least to get the skin you want.

  18. Guest-5475695774 says:

    I have to ask something how do I install this only my computer I don’t know how to.

  19. Guest-1586600716 says:

    thx but..the ncps (boys and girls) are still invisible, also can I have some help getting this baby off me should?? 0-0

  20. Guest-3488595538 says:

    The Girls and Boys are invisible, the “Fertilizer”, “Boonet, Phones and all that stuff will not work with the commands, its pretty good, but I have to be single 0-0, pls fix dis TnT

  21. Guest-1704566502 says:

    Boys cant get pregnant

  22. Guest-3744983673 says:

    Ojalá q en futuras actualizaciones la esposa y el hijo puedan seguirte y ayudar a combatir a los mobs y tmb sus crafteos ya no comandos

  23. Guest-4680961627 says:

    How do I kill the girl she is driving me crazy

  24. User-6658695091 says:


  25. Mark says:

    The boy and girl are both invisible. 🙁 Doesn’t work.

  26. CJanimallover11 says:

    Hey I love this addon except the mob that your given doesn’t work so my house is covered in baby poop also, when u had them to sit they still move and the baby doesn’t crawl. But still I really enjoyed this addon the baby sounds are so adorable ??

  27. Anonymous says:

    I have a problem…i cant use the command
    /Function hf…Help pls

  28. Fix says:

    Heya, I have an issue, I downloaded the mod correctly but the boy and girl spawn egg won’t work, everytime I spawn them they’re invisible but I still hear them talking, please fix

  29. I love the new HAPPYFAMILYYYYY says:

    I absolutley LOOOVEEEEEEEEEEE this addon

    Every time I make a new world this is the first add on I add on

    But how do I use the cleaner

    And there is poop everywhere

    Could you please fix this

    Also for another job it could be litter duty or poop picking

  30. Anonymous says:

    Every time I try to press the download button nothing happens can someone help me

  31. William Linton says:

    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!✔✔✔✔✔????✨✨✨✨✨✨(●’◡’●)

  32. Mad person says:

    Ok everything fine but 2 things as soon as I spawn a baby it never gets off my shoulder and I can’t pick up the poop with cleaner now there’s poop everywhere!!!

    • Lindsay says:

      Its probably on your shoulder if you are holding the “baby holder” item. To get the baby off you just jump and crouch, Im not sure about the poo thing though, I’m having the same trouble.

  33. David says:

    How to release the baby?

  34. Sombody says:

    My minecraft fully CRASH !!!! AND CANNOT ENTERR THE WORLDDDD !!!!

  35. Nanskuy says:

    Its very good but, maybe you can make it will be played 100% at suvival mode. I mean the item can we make at survival

  36. Emma says:

    Hi I really would like to get this add-on but when I open the mcpack into minecraft it says that the download failed, every time I try

  37. Avery C says:

    If you cheat on your husband or wife she will get mad and leave you but if u win her back it will take time grow trust. Idk I just think this would be cool

  38. Noel says:

    I love happy family in minecraft cuz it looks lika real family

  39. NoticeThisRat says:

    I enjoyed this addon it’s great! I have a suggestion though I would maybe like to see if you can talk to your husband / wife and ask for them to care for your child and maybe add your kid talking in chat telling you what they want or need for example them saying hungry if they want a bottle but sense their babies you can purposely misspell it. Also I’m unable to pick up my child, speed up process baby to toddler, and give it the milk bottle. Ps: when you make the furniture I suggest adding a bath for washing your baby / toddler.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed this addon it’s great! I have a suggestion though I would maybe like to see if you can talk to your husband / wife and ask for them to care for your child and maybe add your kid talking in chat telling you what they want or need for example them saying hungry if they want a bottle but sense their babies you can purposely misspell it. Also I’m unable to pick up my child, speed up process baby to toddler, and give it the milk bottle. Ps: when you make the furniture I suggest adding a bath for washing your baby / toddler.

  41. Cristo says:

    El mod/Addon está excelente lo único que faltó fue los crafteos de los objetos para las chicas/chicos ya que para survival vendría muy bien

  42. XSHADOWX337 says:

    were are the items

  43. Depressed peerson says:

    Whyyyyyy I hate this you crush my little dreams all I want is a family in Minecraft but none of these work!!!!!!!!!! I hate you!!!! Every time I spawn it invisible and not only that it’s invisible in my invintory to know why your mod crushed my dreams and it’s broken fix it plsssss!!!!!!!!!! ???????????????????????????????????????????????

  44. Guestyz says:


  45. MavCrafter07 says:

    I’ve been finding a mod for role-playing and now I have found one. And it is a really fantastic mod

  46. Kingsonny says:

    Very very good

  47. MDIAMOND 224 says:

    For the makers of hf addons, please the mobs in the hf mod can follow us, so that is good, because they can’t keep the mobs in the hf mod, it’s just one of them. I might be a strange bug

    Rating for this hf mod 10/10

  48. MDIAMOND 224 says:

    Untuk pembuat addons ini tolong dong mob kaya cewek nya Ama cowok nya bisa di taliin biar gak kabur Mulu gitu loh

  49. nyan cat says:

    for the dogs, you should add a labrador as they are very popular for families with kids

  50. chubbybunny says:

    “/function hf” does not give me the items required, except for the spawn eggs, how do I get the other items needed?

  51. Ella says:

    I can’t download it!! I play PE

  52. Wkwk says:

    You sure have trolled english-speaking people with the chips’ name in this add-on

  53. Jhonathan says:

    Poderia me falar por que quando eu alimento totalmente o bebê ele some do nada, mas, a sombra da entidade dele fica visível, aí eu vejo os status e ele virou teenager eu acho, por que ele some e para quê serve aquele item com formato de um player?

  54. Helpme says:

    The /function hf isn’t working HELP

  55. SuggestionsBoy1029 says:

    I have a suggestion, could there be babysitters? So if you quit they take care of them? And if you don’t, they run away?

    • User-3769489600 says:

      You need more pets, and interactions. You should be able to talk with them and they should be able to follow you. I can’t do anything with the baby right now either. Babies should crawl and you should be able to name them right away. Everything’s great other than the baby but there isn’t much to do with this addon yet. Maybe add cats too? Needs more skins for boys and girls, husband/ wife should be able to help with the kid, there should be a home for each kid (aka where they stay mostly / their rooms) You should be able to give them gifts, and talk to them. Needs a bunch more skins for pets, girls, boys, etc. Maybe even towns of them that spawn naturally once you get to that point. It’s a good start but has so much more potential.

  56. Anonymous says:

    I Need help, the addon it’s dont download, the behavior pack and the resource pack not downloaded, los help

  57. Tiana says:

    Is it just me? When I download the resource pack and add it on Minecraft, it says duplicate pack detected. I looked through all my packs, and there was nothing, so I tried again but it says the same thing. Then, I thought maybe it was the behavior pack so I deleted it and tried again and it worked, except now when I tried downloading the behavior pack it said that message again. Still, the addon is great. Pls help!

  58. GamerAnimate16 says:

    Doesn’t work everyone is invisible

  59. -3- says:

    You should add a family painting

  60. Kaden Rein says:

    For all the people it isn’t working for on ios (I use this, u know it works) just get the file in documents on your iPhone/iPad by clicking on the download, then hold until it gives you the option to move it/copy it (either works) and click on Minecraft, then games, then com.mojang and copy the resource into resource_packs and behaviour into behaviour_packs.

  61. I Don't Know says:

    Can i kill the players if i accidentally spawn them????

  62. John says:

    Everything is invisible .-. Can someone help me how to get them to be visible?

  63. At says:

    It destroy my world

  64. KjvMode says:

    no i can’t use this it says missing something

  65. Anonymous says:

    It says the file isn’t a zip archive. I’m on iOS and apple screwed everything up. It won’t even download.

  66. DrTC says:

    Well…. it is a very good addon but we cant use the options like “give/ask phone number” on windows 10

  67. Jaye Gambini says:

    How can you download this im really looking for this add on

  68. Rainbow says:

    I hope it can use in 1.12

  69. RiSe Shadow07 says:

    Addon is fully working, down side is that the spawn egg for the baby, boy and girl is blacked out.. any help??

  70. CoffeLatte says:

    Change the baby skin ,can we get any item from this addon without commands?(like crafting its) ,can you add gender for player? ,make this addon like REAL Comes Alive Mod ,remove phone(its stupid if you ask for her number in middle of VILLAGE) ,add Special Option or Item for have a boy and girl baby
    ,add Option “Give” for they because it make Her/Him more Difficult to get ,and last dont add any youtuber/famous people (i dont know why but i dont like it)
    -sorry if my english wrong
    -its very good Addon and have a lot possiblity
    -just need more improvement and fix bugs

  71. Santiago says:

    Hola como estas la verdad esta bueno pero seria bueno que pudiera tener traducción español y por que minecraft esta a nivel mundial lo conocen y los itens de addons seria bueno ponerlo en el inventario y no ponerlo por escrito o comando es algo incómodo la verdad . Un saludo ?

  72. Victoria says:

    Does this work with the Windows 10/bedrock edition?

  73. DonutPlaysss says:

    I cant ask for the number and how do you stop holding babies?

  74. MrNoob says:

    The Baby Holder Is Not Working

  75. Anonymous says:

    how can a player get pregnant tho?

  76. Sean Bjorge says:

    The milk bottle is broken and it doesn’t work I think I found another bug in the addon

  77. Coool says:

    The girl should be pregnant in like 5 hours in game time 🙂 pls add it thanks

  78. zayed8313 says:

    I like it But The girl is invisible
    Fix it?

  79. HaydenLavarias says:

    Hey i have an idea! Do you know pewdiepie add pewdiepie in this addon
    Girl is Marzia too
    Boy Is Marzia too
    And The pug is maya and edgar you should do it its cool reply ne if you want this request

  80. E says:

    How do you tame a dog

  81. Corrupt Ender says:

    I cant feed carrots or milk bottles

  82. FrostGamerYT1242 says:

    Will there be another update?

  83. Anonymous says:

    How do I get the phone? I tried what you recommended to the others but it won’t work

  84. Needlework says:

    You should it possible to have babies using a button. Like click in to your wife/husband and click “Have a baby”.

  85. Mikail Afridi says:

    Boy skin 2 looks like Grian.

  86. REEEEE says:

    Can he also cook mutton? ._.

  87. Nobody says:

    I like this because its not actually sexual, its just being realistic. I also like the skins of the boys and girls because its not one of those skins that everyone uses and thinks they look cool and/or good.

  88. JoeythejoeyYT says:

    Add cats: Black, ginger, white, red, and more!
    And yes cats can be red. Like a ginger red color

  89. Badtoilet says:

    Why is the girl so fast

  90. ADMIN DANAR says:

    This game not works correctly only 2 errors are left to make this mod works correctly is when i hold carrot in my hand to feed a girl when is your wife i don’t see the “Feed” button to born a baby and when i hold milk for babies i don’t see “Feed” Button please fix these errors i’d like this mod and i give they 5 Stars

  91. Sean Bjorge says:

    The Addon loaded and works

  92. TerraTheAdventurer says:

    Hi, i haven’t tested this add-on yet but is the items that is in this addon is obtainable in survival

  93. bloxyfan says:

    I need help when i inport it to mcpe it says duplicate pack detected when i went in i saw nothing in my addons folder either fix this please

  94. FrancoGaming says:

    How do you kill or get rid of the entities.

  95. Unknown says:

    How do you kill or get rid of the entities.

  96. Mckelly says:

    Help When I try the /function hf it says “function not found”

  97. Aaaaa says:

    Duplicate file?

  98. Nooooooo says:

    You should add the ability to mate with your partner using an item or a button.

  99. Ideas says:

    Hi can you add cribs for the baby’s when you update it? Also can you make girl baby’s and toddlers and kids? ?

  100. Yoni Meller says:

    real life version pls i need this

  101. BlackEnot says:

    Нормальной аддон

  102. GalaxyKitten_MLG says:

    Hey, this mod looks amazing! Sadly I can’t use it ?. Can you please make it a medafire link because I wan’t to install it. Though, i’ll still give you a positive review!

  103. Binghambrothers5 says:

    I went on the world and typed function hf but it didn’t work could you fix this please

  104. Gem says:

    The function command doesn’t work, I can’t find the phone or anything and the behavior pack is missing one of its dependencies!

  105. IGamer says:

    Wow dude, so much amazing addon, if you can add a growing process to the baby kid like.. Baby to Adult, this will Be amazing.
    Very good addon too similar at comes alive, 5 stars.

  106. Anonymous says:

    Wow dude, so much amazing addon, if you can add a growing process to the baby kid like.. Baby to Adult, this will Be amazing.
    Very good addon too similar at comes alive, 5 stars.

  107. DATURTLE343 says:

    Can you make a medieval version to go with fantasy style “modpacks”

  108. Yami says:

    Could you please make a card game Addon

  109. Ninjajay01 says:

    I like your addons

  110. Anonymous says:

    It crashes my game when I go into my world with the mod

  111. Uh hi says:

    Could you add a media fire link

  112. Chickenboy says:

    only dog spawn eggs are in creative

  113. Wayde says:

    Can you please make a mediafire link so Xbox players can get this.

  114. Random Person says:

    There’s no phones, I can’t befriend anybody

  115. uncle frank says:

    Loneliness at the next level, my loneliness…

  116. Please help says:

    The function commands not works help!

  117. Noice says:

    How get phone number

  118. TheMcExplorer says:

    May I suggest basing this off of Stardew Valley logic? You could add characters from that game. Plus it’s a more realistic system. Using a cell phone feels a little out of place in my opinion. Giving a character their favorite item, this could be random, feels a lot more Minecrafty.

    Just a friendly suggestion.
    Good luck with your addon!

  119. the download does not work with google Crome other then that looks very cool i will just download it on my phone and inport it to my laptop

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