Published on February 26, 2020

Hard? Not So! [Survival]

This is a hard challange for people who think the game is super easy! There are acid rains, Void world, random fishing, super hardcore health and food runs out super fast! Your goal is to kill the dragon and Dont go to the nether!

You have to fish in this world in order to progress you have one rod if it breaks you lose! You can get every item using just the rod!

Also Rain, its toxic!

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Nice game, but not that hard. For some reason the Rain didn't hurt me, it might just be a bug. But overall amazing game!
Guest-8623389960 May 07, 2020 at 5:49 am
I love the map but super hard Lol
why cant I play, it says that a new version of the world has been saved :(
Not hard enough, i finished it. It took la few days. Can you make a harder map?
Oh you have it a Harder map will be what i work on!
U spelled pretty much as prittymuch find xit plz
Oml it's sssooooo freaking hard.... My rods durability has gotten low
This sounds super brutal I'll have to try it