Published on May 21, 2015 (Updated on May 21, 2015)

Hashtag WHAT???: Village At Spawn & Stronghold

Seed ID

I didn't spawn in a village.
Do you dig down or out?
If out then which direction? :)
the portal wont blow up so blow up the strong hold and the only thing left will be the portal
So...I was making up seeds and I got an idea to put BB-8(I just thought of it because of star wars 7)in the seed box....I spawned in a forest(regular ones)then i was wandering and i saw a village(it was in the plains,not much far from the forests...I guess) was a regular one with a blacksmith that contains 2 iron leggings,one iron helmet and 5 ink sacs...and I mine under the well and I dropped into a any other was huge....I tried to delete it and find it again but measuring where it was but I end up finding another village(w/o blacksmith) near the forest.....I posted this comment just so you guys can do it better than me...lolz
If you go 233 blocks east you can find a mineshaft on the grass and then if you go left and right then 199 blocks straight you'll see a cave that goes straight down and then you find 10 villages in the cave and in the cave with ten villages there's a end portal. Also in one of the village chest of blacksmith there's 20 ender pearls in the chest. And if you look on top of the village in the cave you'll see a deongeon with a pig it's safe. In the chest with the monster spawner there's chest with speed, haste and poison potions. A stack of each potion. I hope this helped. By the way you need to have tooupdated. You need to get the app for minecraft 14.0.1
the seed is so damn cool im finding it so hard to find my way around the place though!!!
I mean minecraft pe. I know there are strongholds in minecraft.
When I tried this cheat on Minecraft pe 0.11.1, what I got instead is a weird gravel biome directly next to my spawn point. Weird right?
It's not a cheat. It's a "seed". Make sure you put in the seed correctly:

Hashtag WHAT???
Can you actely youse the end portal?
What is the seed called
It's called "Hashtag WHAT???".
Pretty freakin cool!!