Published on July 01, 2019 (Updated on September 09, 2020)

Hawks and Crows and Seagulls Addon!

Hawks!! Your days of safe daytime skies are about to end. And you'll love it. Daytime flying fiends that will terrify and amaze. Well, mainly just terrify. But, let's assume that's what you're here for.

Everybody knows daytimes are a bit boring without any manner of aerial assault (at least in the overworld!) so we developed a ... solution.


Hawks are (most definitely) a hostile mob and the stars of this show. They spawn mostly in extreme hills, but you'll see them every now and then in plains biomes and savanna plateaus. They definitely dislike players but they aren't fond of pillagers either, so don't feel too bad.

They *really* don't like llamas, but in a good way! Because they won't go near them. So, there's a defense if you're just starting out. Travel with llamas! Hope they don't die along the way, because you might not like who will be next.

There are several variants of the larger birds. The lighter ones are much easier to handle, and are more common. The darker variants are truly nasty.


We've also added crows, most common in swamp biomes when the light level is reduced. They also spawn, less commonly, in daytime in taiga and plains biomes. Crows don't care about llamas, unfortunately. They fear villagers though.


Last, and least, we have seagulls. Ok, not least. Not really last either. Well, maybe least, we need a poll. They're mostly neutral, but every now and then you'll encounter a not-nice one. You know what to do. Spawns at the beach! Of course they do....


For scaring crows!! And hawks, and seagulls, and (if you install Hurt Me Plenty and Pterodactyl addons) phantoms, blazes, ghasts and pterodactyls.

Find them in swamps, chop them down, grab their spawn egg (looks like a scarecrow lollipop), and put it down where you don't want hawks to attack. Easy!

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Added the almighty scarecrow, which spawns in swamps. Made all the birds afraid of them.


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Is it safe to assume this doesn't work in 1.17?
Awesome addon, i love the models and their quirky behaviors just did an addon review this is really cool!!!
These hawks are mean. I like it
Make a dragon addon and make the dragons actually fly with a carrot on a stick!
Can you make a dragon addon with dragons that can actually fly please?
Amigo puedes agregar una animacion cuando casa tanbien que pongas crias en sus nido como en la vida real tanbien un tucan ya que no ay solo ay loros si amigo
Que no ves que no hablan español pendejo?
Guest-8186134750, watch your language
Piss off
They add so much to the atmosphere...unless they're attacking you relentlessly! I would love if these could be made to realistically only attack small mobs like rabbits.
I can't figure out how to install
Thank you for this awesome add-on! I did a review over on my channel, if interested the link is . Thank you for your work! Enjoyed reviewing this!
you can create addon sacosauchus and megalodon, it verry good
Bro add eagle also with a larger size please ok
Oh my god... it’s brutal. The hawks deal so much damage and the ravens are too quick. They spawn so rapidly in the plains. Probably because I put hard mode on.
These mob addons go surprisingly well with Hurt Me Plenty!
Hey man your addon is freaking cool so I also kinda want to learn on how to make a custom mobs cause I really do want to make my own addons
Use blockbench to make the model, you can use gimp or another image editor to make the textures
Absolutely phenomenal, a good atmospheric mob, rendered absolutely stunning accompanied by a good shader.