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Published on April 22, 2021 (Updated on April 22, 2021)

Helix Parkour REDUX

Hello! This is Helix Parkour REDUX! The map made for people that beat the original. If you haven’t beat the original, you can still play this map!

Team Ender Consists of:

ProCreeper344 (Owner)

UltimateL344 (Developer)

AwesomeO344 (Beat Tester)

RealDeel1982 (Beta Tester)


Be Ready for our two new maps coming out on:

Parkour Tag - Dropping on May 1 2021

Everything Parkour - Dropping on May 8 2021

Main Preview

Jumping over lava

Climb the vines!

Hard puzzles

And new win lobby!


Special thanks to UltimateL344 for making all new content in this map!

Select version for changelog:

  • Changed files from MCpack to MCworld
  • Fixed other map bugs.

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I tried both Parkour Helix maps and they don't import, fix this pls!
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Bedrock on Mobile
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Are you on iOS? If so you need to use the Zip file ( watch a tutorial )
If you are on android, mcworld should work fine.
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I am on a apple device
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Download .zip, go in to the files app,
Hold on the file until it pulls up a menu, select move, then tap on On my iPhone/IPad
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Btw how u get colored signs they don't work right (they darkened them) (Mojang)
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