Published on November 16, 2019

Hello Neighbor Addon

Hello Neighbor is an indie horror game where you are a young boy who sneaks to your new weird neighbor's house to try to get into his basement. You step foot on his property and he chases you off his yard. You have to be very quiet and sneak in the house into his basement to discover the creepy secrets inside the weird old neighbor's house.

This add-on is based on that game and takes some of the characters from there and brings them alive in Minecraft through an add-on.



  • hello neighbor bp.mcaddon
  • hello neighbor tp.mcpack

Supported Minecraft versions

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there is a glitch that mojang never fixes and i want to be fixed in this mod because minecraft crashes everytime when the neighbor or eggman attack a mob they crash the game and i never want that to happen in the game so can you fix it
my game crashes when the neighbor or eggman attack a mob
wither storm master May 18, 2021 at 9:30 pm
it dos not werck
Hi, Can I use this addon to my minecraft map. I will credit you
the eggman is off-topic it isnt even fun it justt annoys me please delete eggman and update
Uhh...I Dont Know Why When I Download This Its Only 0.00B.Is It Unable To Download It ??
Great addon. But I think the neighbor should have new textures because his shirt is all blue but in the game its blue and a different color blue in a pattern. Keep up the good work.
I can download it on addons. It called addons and the app icon is a player half zombie creeper thing.
why is not working and this is broken
Why did you put Robotnik?
He isn't part of Hello Neighbor, Robotnik is part from Sonic The Hedgehog.
It wont let me download it again
Same :(
And I didn't even try the addon :"(
Why are Adam Taylor’s addons non downloadable for me?
Mack baldis basics plz
Amazing model and mod,but what's up with that Dr.eggman?He isn't part of Hello Neighbourg!!!
hello neighbor
Yeah he need to add him to SADX Addon
Ur addons make the stones glitch
its like that daw