Published on November 25, 2019 (Updated on May 02, 2022)

Helpful Blocks (1.18.30 Support Update)

Industrially speaking, Minecraft is set in a time where technology clearly isn't around. This add-on provides you with 12 new blocks which allows you to burn, carry, and filter. The blocks have their own unique abilities however these blocks are supposed to be activated with redstone but that feature isn't possible yet!

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  • removed block component according to 1.18.30 data-driven block changes.


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Good Morning/Evening! I am a map creator. (newbie) I am currently working on a map called MineFactory and i need this addon to complete my map. Can i use it? Please? I promise to give you full credit. Thanks! (Dies from bad grammar(your addon is great BTW))
Nice Addon,
But can you make it so that the lookin direction at the elevator can changed?
because now it isn´t possible to jump off when uplitfing

Sorry for my bad Englisch
you cant get the blocks
You can get them by /give. If im you, im just gonna craft them in creative and thats all, Instead of giving the addon 1 star, you yourself should be given a 1 star.
yes /give @p raigen:
Will you remaster cargo craft?just asking
hey I am a map creator can I use in my map ? I will give mod credits too
It seas errorrr! Fix it!!
Even though this mod looks great, I just can't get the new blocks. I used the given commands, I used the /give command, nothing worked! Please fix this, I've always wanted a conveyor block addon. I will really appreciate it if you fix this in the next update. Thanks, great addon all-in-all.
minecraft is my Iife September 29, 2020 at 8:00 pm
pls tell me how to use it
really nice addon, I like it. I created a map for me and my friend using this.

there is one problem though, when you use the conveyor going up you cant make it go straight again it just stops. However I fixed this problem by using water and gates. the water flows the item out of the stuck position. you can use the gates to stop the water overflowing as the gates don't stop the item in the conveyor.
Enderscript studios July 09, 2020 at 5:31 pm
Can I use this in my modpack?
also, great addon!
I wish you could craft these in survival mode. Other than that, great add-on!
Can I use this in my modpack? Also, can I use your helpful blocks addon and domestic mobs? I will Credit you in the description.
(I ment domestic mobs and cargocraft)
I’m getting an invalid zip archive. Can u provide the resource and behavior files cause that will make the addon work, thanks
Can you add a block that breaks blocks? Thanks!
seems the floor can break the floor
It doesn't work in 1.16 pls update it