Published on May 06, 2020 (Updated on July 03, 2020)

HermitCraft Season 7 Skinpack

If you watch videos coming out from Hermitcraft server and like to have all of their new skins (If you are fallowing videos you can notice changes in skins) this pack is for you! just import with a single click you have all skins together!

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Removed extra (useless links) which I removed before, But weirdly nothing changed when accepted....



  • HermitCraft-Season-7-Skin-pack-by-CUbE-MAStER_1588831379.mcpack
  • HermitCraft-Season-7-Skin-pack-by-CUbE-MAStER_1588489516.mcpack

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Please UPDATE the hermits have lots of new skins I really love this pack I've been using it for a month
Link discordet kar nmikone
Va bale ye rah contact bede chon kheyli khoshhal shodam community bedrock iran inghadr active :)
[email protected] my secondary email made for people who want to contact me.
Can you make an updated version of the season7 skinpack
Hope this gets your ratings up... Plus this skin pack is amazing.
I seriously don't understand why people randomly put 1 stars
This is a really cool skinpack, can't wait to show my friends!
Updated to latest skins, No need to remove the last one to install this one.
I have given the credits of thumbnail picture credits in description, Nothing changed. anyway here it is:
Loved this skin pack thought it was amazing because i love Hermitcraft
Somehow some skins are not correct like Jeohills's
Skin and other skin's arm size like Grian's skin is not correct and also Grian's gauntlet color is soppose to be yellow instead the Grian's gauntlet color is orange. So I managed to perfect the skin packs by replacing some of the skins and I also fixed your skin for not showing and also I added Welsknight's skin as well.

If you want me to send you the file that I perfected from your skin pack just email me.
well, most of them you mentioned are only your problem, I tested its all ok. lol, anyway I may update soon, Grian's gauntlet is 100% correct and fine, I checked again.
Ya sure,
Cuz Grian's gauntlet is still orange not yellow. You might have to take a look at Grian's PNG file.
Please update
Also read my full comment
its really long
plz keep updating this ty
You should make a grumbot and jrumbot skin XD I’m not joking pls do
Grain,Grain!??,do I look like bread to you?!!!
Pack updated. it will be posted once accepted! TangoTek updated and kelaris missing fixed. to Install the pack you must delete the skinpack from com.mojang>Skinpacks folder!
Guest-2478996298 May 28, 2020 at 8:11 am
Can you pls update it Again?
at the end of season 7 - yes. because I have to rapidly update it with every small change ;-;
can you just make a small update after mumbo gets his old skin back?
Guest-6112636785 May 07, 2020 at 5:50 am
Nice skin pack lol rip grian the grain characther on head game is too funny ????
Who is this Grain character?
Feel sorry for Grian… Not Grain