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Published on April 25, 2015 (Updated on April 25, 2015)

Herobrine 3.0 Mod

Herobrine 3.0 is the latest follow-up in a series of Herobrine mods by BagasMC. It's a boss mod which allows you to spawn and fight Herobrine. This time he will have skeleton minions and other helping tools to make the battle so much harder. If you don't know who Herobrine is then in short he is said to be Notch's dead brother and a mysterious character in the world of Minecraft.

Creator: BagasMC

How to fight Herobrine?

First off you will need to spawn him. To get the spawn item type /herobrine in the chat and then tap with the spawn item on the ground to make him appear. (Make sure difficulty in settings is set to max!)

After a few seconds of his existence he will drop a TNT block on top of you and also two skeletons. Every once in a while he will burst up into the sky and when he falls down create an explosion.

Herobrine Effects/Features

  • 2500 health
  • Super jump and explosion
  • Arrow shooting
  • Skeleton minions
  • TNT drops

Previous Herobrine Mods

can you fix this mod and make for 1.13.0 and dont use a scripts and fix this mod and add soul of herobrine and put a custome block and a recipe in the mode please update this addon soon
dude its for mc bedrock edition u ok?
Make Notch next.
How about you make Notch next?
Can you plz change the lince plz
Entity 404 keeps deleting my favorite mods
I love this mod
Does it work for iOS?
Does this work in 0.14.1?
The download link doesn't work. I have asked the creator to update it.
Download link(button) not work. I cant download this mod :(
I asked him for a new link here:

I'll update the link here on MCPEDL if he gives a new link.
How do you download the herobrine mod? In 3.0
Here's an install guide:
Does this mod work on iPod
No, it's only for Android at this point.
JohnPaul Pontigon April 27, 2015 at 8:28 am
hero brine is black color
I cant see herobrine
You need to get the spawn egg by typing /herobrine in the chat and then use that item by tapping on the ground to spawn him.
Hi guys can you make a simple mod downloaded because it's so compacted to download it so can you make mods that just you click. Download and you go on minecraft tab and play the mod thanks chill
Hi Kelly. It's not that hard actually to install mods.

1. Get BlockLauncher:
2. Click the "Download" button in the post here on MCPEDL.
3. Launch BlockLauncher and click the small wrench icon in the top-center.
4. Manage ModPE Scripts > Import > Local storage > Download folder > Herobrine 3.0.js.
5. Go in-game and play with the new mod! :D
I have updated the "That was a bad idea! *playername*" to avoid misunderstanding because the text was the same as in Herobrine Return mod :D, Please update the 2nd picture ok?
How do you spawn him?
I cropped the image a little to fix that. Hope that's cool.