Published on November 01, 2016 (Updated on November 01, 2016)

Herobrine And Notch Addon

Herobrine is a community-made character who has never been proven to exist in the game. This addon aims to change that as it turns the wither skeleton into Herobrine. Don't expect him to act kindly because he's known for his creepy and often ruthless behavior. On top of that, it also changes the iron golem into Notch (who is the creator of Minecraft). Have them two fight it out in an epic battle! Creator: Sprintermax, Twitter Account

How does it work?

Herobrine looks similar to Steve (who is one of the default player characters in Minecraft). The difference is that his eyes are white and that his soul is pure evil. Herobrine carries a diamond sword and he's slightly stronger than Notch. To spawn him you will need a wither skeleton spawn egg or you can go to a Nether fortress to find him in survival mode. Notch is the creator of Minecraft (and that you should know if you ever have written a comment on this website). Even though he's no longer a developer for the game he's still too much of an icon to ever be forgotten. To spawn Notch you will need four iron blocks and a pumpkin. Place the pumpkin on the top center iron block as seen in the image down below. Notch is a neutral mob. This means he will only attack someone if someone hits him first. To take him down I had to hit him 30 times with a diamond sword. And if he hits you (and assuming you've got no armor on) you will lose half of your health. Give Notch a nether star to make him grow and become stronger. A nether star is dropped by Herobrine. Put them on a test against each other and see who is the strongest. It's a battle of good and evil. Who will win? Download the addon to find out! Other Info: 
  • Herobrine drops random items: iron sword, bones, nether star
  • Notch drops apples


  1. Download behaviors (.mcpack)
  2. Download resources (.mcpack)
  3. Add the packs to a world
Do you want a .ZIP file? Get it here!

Installation Guides

Anyone realize this pack hasn't been updated for newer versions in 6 years?
The Resource Pack is for idiots It crashed my MInecraft When I Load a Level
when i spawn notch and herobrine there textures are mixed
So weird not recommended but funny though
Herobrine holds a stone sword but not a diamond sword!
Every time I spawn Notch in a village and give him a nether star he goes and kills the villagers! Why?
There was no herobrine or notch
Doesn’t Work
I know right this pack was terrible like Herobrine had a stone sword and weird looking Notch was Ugly and to big
Your just using the resource pack no both resource and behavior
Please help it says that it dosent work and it dosent show the pictue or i have an ipad that dosent let me use the add-on please help And can you add a herobrine swod or armour o something like that plz?
How does herobrine switch your gamemode to 0
What Your Asking Is Not A Mod Or Addon

Yes The Real Herobrine Can Change Your Gamemode From Crrative To Survival But This Doesnt Apply To 1.3 Minecraft Versions As Herobrine And His Code Was Removed Completely

Herobrine Exist In This Version No Need Addon MCPE 1.2.10

Sounds Rare To Find This Versoin Though Because The Mojang Company Try To Obsolete Old MCPE VERSIONS
I love herobrine and notch
I thaght they would have more attack methods but other than that it’s great!
This crashed my Minecraft so don’t get it unless you wanna lose your Minecraft forever I can’t even play it anymore
Why don’t you delete the redownload?
very good make more and more and more
It's not working
You don't now how to work the mod.
Can u fix this there are a few bugs that are crashing my games