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Published on August 11, 2016 (Updated on August 11, 2016)

Herobrine Mod

Herobrine is one of the oldest myths of Minecraft. Even though it has been proven that Herobrine doesn't actually exist anywhere in the code of the game there are still conspiracy theorists who insist on his existence. The Herobrine Mod lets you experience what it would be like if Herobrine was real. He will spawn in the world and haunt you for all infinity.

Creator: BagasMC, Twitter Account

Where is Herobrine and what can he do?

Within 12.5 minutes after you've entered a world Herobrine will appear out of nowhere. Usually he'll say something in the chat to give you an indication that he has spawned.

Herobrine is very aggressive in his behaviour. He will be running around, set things on fire, and in general just be very annoying and sometimes scary. If you are in survival mode he won't hesitate in trying to attack and kill you.

Sometimes he will start flying and teleporting and throw fire charges at you. At this point it's nearly impossible not to die.


  1. Download and install the latest BlockLauncher beta.
  2. Install the ModPE js script (click for guide).
  3. Use ES File Explorer to extract the Sounds Pack zip file.
  4. Copy the HerobrineSound folder and move it to /games/com.mojang/
  5. Make sure you've got an Internet connection while using the mod. It's required for loading some custom textures.

Download Mod (Dropbox) (GitHub) (Required)
Download Sound Pack (Dropbox) (Required)

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Please make it addon with media fire link
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Will this work on the Xbox one? How many times do you have to refresh the page? Nice Mod/addon by the way.
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Guest-6668310119 May 05, 2020 at 3:48 pm
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Both of the downloads says that the file isn’t there anymore in Dropbox so may you change to a mediafire download?
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Both of the downloads says that the file isn’t there in Dropbox so may you change to a mediafire download?
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Bro dis guy scawy he popped up right in front of me and shortly killed me afterward
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That file isn’t here anymore
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“Where“ does he spawn? For example, if I was in my house, would he spawn in there with me?
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I will rewrite this mod. ;)
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Why won’t it work on Xbox please respond
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It seems that Minecraft 1.12.1 won't support mods that adds mobs and blocks to the game. Please, update it to the latest version!
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Why won’t it work!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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It does not work on mobile ?
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