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Published on January 31, 2017 (Updated on February 11, 2017)

Herobrine's Everywhere Addon

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if you want me to try on this add-on follow me on twitch
God spriggan tancinco June 13, 2018 at 3:28 am
I subscribe your channel my channel is god spriggan tancinco
Awsome mod! Would you please update it for 1.2?
WoW Herobrine dit is de coolste addon ooit je moet echt meer Herobrine Addons maken?
Can I use this in my map?
Editor,can you add a herobrine mob into this to?
Yes! You right is mobs herobrine how you doing now or survival?
Ey you faker! I'M Logdotzip!
No I'm Logdotzip!
can someone please make a zoo addon with different animals? Please!
Does Herobrine come in the addon
Can you make the wolf,skeleton and other creatures that cannot attack me hostile?
You can also put maps in these files...
Create maps for this add-0ns! its will be awesome!
you can use an abandoned city map for this addon
I love this addon! I use it all the time with Plug PE, a free server application (the servers are free but you have to buy plug, one of the best multiplayer apps out there) where I team up with other players and kill everything. Don't be alarmed, Plug PE isn't a real server thing, its only hen you are on.
Please AmmarTerRam i like SO much the sheep texture can i get IT Please. It's look so awsome
Would you please make an Sonic exe addon, but without tons of blood? I would love for him to replace the enderman and drop a nether star and diamonds.
Yes, yes, YEESSS
I want that
Gimmie, Gimme