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Published on May 28, 2014 (Updated on May 28, 2014)

Herobrine's Mansion [Creation]

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Looks cool but where is the downloads
oh my god, this is fake! i live in a nether palace!
u should make it so u can downlow it
there is a download button tho
Can u make it an mcworld plz
Yeah pls
Do Herobrine live here
If yes
Will i find herobrine in this mansion
If herobrine is in the mansion somewhere only then i will download the map
Editor of the map or anyone who played the map please reply that do you see herobrine in the mansion
nostalgia :)
Yeah a command block one
It's a good opportunity for a haunted house map for Halloween I will customize it to be a scary mansion filled with monsters
I know this map was top quality at the time but it could have used a better pallets and more depth. Not saying the original maker had no talent or made any effort, but it could have been better just saying.
Yeah I'm pretty sure those two comments are the same person
Wait mistaken you were the one who said it ;-;
Herobrine is no real you silly goose
Heheheh are u sure >:)
Are you sure because I've seen signs of his existence and herobrine also replied to you....
I'll Be In Your Next World
No ýøű W̮̫̯̖̬̬̤̪̘̑̉͞͝ò̗͍̞͙̮̳͍͙̥ͮ̿͛ņ̰̯̙̫̗̳̎̒̐̐͐̍͂t̴̶̨̫̤̤ͦ͛ͫ̉ͨ̎̽
Can You make like The Real one? With fights and loots? It would be awesome
Just have to add a pvp part in an empty room and add a herobrine mod