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Published on January 03, 2017 (Updated on January 03, 2017)

Hidden Treasure [Adventure]

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This was a really excellent map. Please, please make a sequel soon. I am waiting.
That is sic man?
Umm there was a bad part the Sand doesn't move so I didn't get the number but I guessed 1st try love this map make another one where your drake and your rich but someone sabotages you and they kick you out of your mainson and you have to try and get back being the king✌?
It crashes on mine why? Pls help
Great Map I loved it would like to see one when you are trapped in the cave!
Can you do this map 2 player
Great map bro. If u can, make a sequel
Easy but AMAZING
That was really good
10/10 would recommend
I loved the map but the trapdoor scared me but it was a great map
How do you get links of your minecraft world to submit a map?