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Published on August 30, 2018 (Updated on August 30, 2018)

Hide n Seek [Minigame]

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nice i guess
Cool I guess d:
This game is cool I guess d:
It won’t teleport all the players at the same time.
And when your seeker it doesn’t teleport you in 40 sec.
What resource pack did you use?
how to play when we have nametag ? i show where we are ?
Bro just sneak then they wont see you
In settings there is show nametag and not. So just off it.
Wait... How do you even start this map? It said wait for 40 seconds.. and its like 5 minutes... its still not yet starting... I'm so confused!!!
Click The Start Button (Multiplayer Needed) And Then Hiders Will Be Released Then After 40sec Seekers Will Be Released
Dude there's literally no where to hide it's so easy to get found there should be secret spots but no