Published on September 23, 2019 (Updated on July 26, 2020)

Highlighter Ores PE

Bored of not seeing minerals when you mine?

Don't worry, I have the solution: Highlighter Ores PE

Now you can see all the minerals, including quartz, the coal & for example the iron.

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  • Updated emerald ore to be as vanilla
  • Added nether ores


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Guest-3659194282 May 20, 2020 at 7:20 am
Please fix so the emerald ore is the vanilla texture, it feels weird when it is like that. By the way, I really like this!
You can fix it yourself, actually. There's two ways.

Way #1:
1. Re-Download the texture pack
2. Find the file, and change it to a .zip if it's a .mcpack
3. Unzip the file and open it
4. Go into "textures"
5. Go into "blocks"
6. Delete the .png of whichever you you want to set back to normal (vanilla texture)
7. Change it back into a .mcpack and open it into Minecraft

Way #2:
1. Find the Minecraft folder somewhere in "Internal Storage"
2. Open the folder and find the textures folder (I believe it's called World.textures or something like that)
3. Check each folder to find this texture pack
4. Go into "textures"
5. Go into "blocks"
6. Delete the .png of whatever block you want to set back to normal (vanilla texture)

I hope this is helpful, and I'm sorry if this is against the rules or something. Have a nice day!
It ment to be easier to see, not see through walls lmao
I expected that too ur not alone
Please make it the latest IOS version or someone help me figure out how to add it to the minecraft folder with only my I phone XS
Doesn’t let me download on mobile :(
Help would be appreciated
did you select .mcworld
Doesn’t let me download on mobile.
Can u make a stone one too?
Emerald ore is not default minecraft texture, the original texture is round shape while this is like the texture of coal ore, diamond ore and so on, correct it
How do I download on mobile without pc?
Does this work on xbox?
Yes, I play on Xbox with this resource pack
how do you use this on xbox if you can make a youtube video
Hi, here you have a fast tutorial, isn't mine but it will help you
Hi this help Miners
Great help for miners in survival