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Published on January 03, 2021 (Updated on March 18, 2021)

HIVE MINING (New Mystery Custom Crafts!)

In this world, you can: Open Crates - Craft Custom Items! - Sell ore and items! - use various stations! - Mine! - PVP! - VIP Shops!  - Normal Shop - the Hub! Play with more friends! Try to achieve all the achievement! this is an endless game. have fun!!!

4 New Books

Including :

Book of MagicSuper BookBook of StrengthBook of ProtectionNEW Mystery Custom Crafts!!! Open Crates and Get Rare ItemsWith 3 types of Crates!!! Extra Feature!

Aquatic MineSelling area! you can sell different ores Stations to Enchant, Craft, Smelt, and even combine books with anvils + an extra grindstone (might be removed, its a placeholder)10 Different mines each have their own ore with a different value. Gear up and battle each other in the PVP arenaV.I.P Shops Shop contains: Armor Shop, Weapons Shop, Tool Shops, Item Shop, Enchantments Shop, Keys to a level of Mine, and exclusive packs

How to get V.I.P :

-go to keys

-find the nether star

-buy it for $100000the point is to have fun and mine ores play with friends

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New Enchanted Book:

Book of Strength Included all damage upgrade enchants

Book of Protection Included all Protective Upgrade Enchant

Book of Magic Included all Magical Upgrade Enchant

Super Book Included all the best possible enchants you can put in any items


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Newest: 1.4

Super Books

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How do you use the storage room,I already bought the storage key and throw it at the hopper ,but nothing happened,is that normal?
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what are you doing with the custom crafts
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