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Published on August 21, 2015 (Updated on August 21, 2015)

Hogwarts [Creation]

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Err the download link is broken!
Sad the download link is broken
Wait where is the link
Gave me LOTS of porn ads. Don't attempt to download it, ok?
Gryffindor tower is not finished or you forgot to put it there
it takes me to driver fixer ad, like always

Can someone tell me where the ravenclaw common room is
Ravenclaw tower(I don’t know but that’s where it is in the books)
I read the books to
Guys who want to make it mcworld for zip can download Documents app from apple app store
I could only find the slytherin common room and the green house
I could only find gryffondors common room can some one tell me where the other 3 are? Especially Hufflepuff. Also I couldn’t get anywhere, to big, too confusing
Where did you find the gryffindor common room??
This was beyond awesome. I love how it was designed so nicely and properly but the only problem is the chunk errors. Huge random stone blocks are seen in the sky and can you please update the world, the height limit has increased and so you can build further now. Anyways, to whoever made this, you did a really great job and also props to whoever ported this.
.mcworl file plz?
Where's the Slytherin common room? I need to find my house ;-;
I love this map i was able to download it but the Gryffindor tower was cut off and a bunch of stone and bedrock blocks spawned above the castle. Also, please update the download and the map please get rid of the random wool everywhere it kind of ruins the effect im going for.
Ive tried to download on both phone and iPad mini and it won't load it will say building terrain and that stuff but then goes back to home screen I'm honetly raging and crying I'm getting very frustrated how do I fix this