Hogwarts & Surrounding Areas Version 2

Welcome to the second version of my Harry Potter universe recreation. What you will find is a deeply detailed version of Hogwarts, London, Ministry of Magic, Godric’s Hollow & so much more! Ranging from Privet Drive all the way to Diagon Alley. If you can think of it, it’s most likely here! Enjoy it!

I recommend using the Chroma Hills HD texture pack. Or perhaps Natrual. Though since V1 the map has been better optimized for the default texture pack.

For those who wanted coordinates, here you go. (There’s a lot)

  • ​​Knight bus 146 4 1118
  • Ancient runes -121 92 -289
  • Ancient studies -147 101 -289
  • Aragog’s lair 94 4 -879
  • Arithmancy -147 82 -290
  • Art class -134 77 -278
  • Astronomy classroom -106 142 -467
  • Astronomy library -114 125 -459
  • Bell tower -235 91 -321
  • Boat house 29 6 -229
  • Boys bathroom (leads to Gryffindor common room) -134 117 -302
  • Boys lavatory -188 51 -289
  • Charms classroom -176 78 -514
  • Chess club -60 49 -467
  • Classroom 2a -54 47 -500
  • DADA teleport arrival: -128 78 -344
  • Death party -75 18 -381
  • Defense against the dark arts -131 75 -307
  • Detention chamber -184 63 -352
  • Diagonal alley 319 5 1473
  • Divination classroom -115 95 -458
  • Dumbledore’s office -148 165 -289
  • Dumbledore’s grave -285 6 -166
  • Earth magic -122 102 -289
  • First task (dragons) -312 60 -581
  • Fishing town / fishermen town 194 4 561
  • Fluffy -143 63 -352 / Entrance to philosopher’s / sorcerer’s stone
  • Forest of Dean / Tent location 1822 21 1807
  • Gaunt’s shack -925 4 343
  • Ghoul studies -127 122 -290
  • Girls bathroom -140 117 -278
  • Girls lavatory-195 39 -293
  • Grand staircase -133 52 -288 
  • Graveyard Little Hangleton -747 5 186
  • Gryffindor common room -132 127 -303
  • Hagrid’s hut -382 7 -246
  • Teleport hub 2: 31 7 1980
  • Herbology greenhouses -67 37 -538
  • History of magic -120 62 -289 / Binns office -118 73 -304
  • Hogsmeade -331 4 101 
  • Hogsmeade station -299 5 39
  • Hogwarts entrance -120 41 -242
  • Hogwarts kitchens -150 27 -247
  • Homework club -153 64 -494
  • Horcrux cave 170 6 -2040 
  • Hospital wing -194 91 -321
  • House on rock 201 6 498 
  • Hufflepuff common room -127 19 -238
  • King’s Cross station 133 4 1640
  • Ladies and boys toilets astronomy tower -114 83 -452
  • Laundry room -114 38 -432
  • Library -111 59 -458
  • London Zoo 355 4 736
  • Luchino cafe 247 4 1583
  • ​Luna Lovegood residence -468 4 1679
  • Madam Poppy Pomfrey’s office (hospital wing / matron) -185 81 -321
  • Magical offices (ministry of magic) 94 81 2253
  • Magical theory -147 112 -290
  • Maze entrance -246 10 -702
  • McGonagall office/study -171 64 -528
  • Ministry of Magic -134 81 2260
  • Mirror on fourth floor / need Marauder’s map -134 107 -297
  • Muggle studies -120 72 -290
  • Mystification department / room with doors 216 4 2058
  • Mystification department command blocks 219 12 2060
  • Olivanders wand shop 375 4 1483
  • Owlery -336 79 -441
  • Place where Harry casts Patronus against Dementors -389 7 -149
  • Potions class -64 18 -406
  • Prefects bathroom -66 61 -453
  • Privet drive -4 4 1129
  • Prof. Flitwick office -42 40 -391
  • Prof. Sprout, head of Huffelpuff -58 38 -485
  • Prof. Trelawney’s office -123 101 -431
  • Quidditch pitch -500 31 -308
  • Quidditch World Cup -1000 25 1500
  • Ravenclaw common room -136 99 -355
  • Restricted section -114 71 -458
  • Riddle manor -843 31 223
  • Room of Requirement -157 47 -520
  • Room of Rewards -155 65 -513
  • Slughorn’s house 95 6 805
  • Slughorn’s office -179 64 -514
  • Slytherin common room -70 5 -462
  • Snape’s storage room/cabinet -74 49 -439
  • Sphinx -274 25 -1683
  • St. Mungo’s hospital 32 4 1349
  • Statue of Gregory the Smarmy -72 38 -521
  • Stone circle -391 38 -321
  • Storage below top astronomy tower -102 167 -470
  • Storage room (mirror of Erised) -156 51 -356
  • Tapestry corridor -74 49 -447 
  • Task two / second task 49 25 -2092
  • Task two / second task towers -8 28 -96
  • Teachers lounge -59 49 -447
  • Telephone booth to ministry of magic 102 4 1486
  • The Burrow -406 4 1502
  • The Hog’s Head -369 4 225
  • The Leaky Cauldron 268 4 1482 
  • The Shrieking Shack -265 23 152
  • Top of astronomy tower -101 173 -465
  • Teleport room 1: -150 6 -556 
  • Training grounds -184 37 -577
  • ​Transfiguration classroom -145 37 -494
  • Transfiguration courtyard -116 37 -485
  • Trophy room -149 38 -455
  • Unknown shack -1311 4 731
  • Unknown study room -43 40 -419
  • Westminster palace -21 4 1543
  • Whitehall underground toilets 121 1 1474
  • Wizengamot (ministry of magic) 33 4 2205
  • Womping willow -352 12 -221
  • Wooden Bridge -341 40 -323
  • Xylomancy classroom -53 38 -467
  • Azkaban -1373 153 937 
  • Chamber of Secrets -244 5 -318 
  • Grimmauld square 246 12 1309
  • Spinner’s End / Snape house ​246 4 870
  • Trophy room (Main) -163 21 -187
  • Trophy Room A -172 75 -353
  • Malfoy Manor 4950 11 5051
  • Place where Voldemort casts Avada Kedavra to Harry -417 4 -135
  • Portkey to Quidditch World Championship -256 20 1270
  • Bathilda Bagshot House -55 4 855
  • Potter Cottage (Godric’s Hollow) -90 4 885 
  • Room of admittance (locked/can’t reach) -174 78 -531

This should be most of the locations. Feel free to use the map in videos or content, just give my name a shoutout: PoeticWhisper. Thank you guys so much for the support and I hope you love this download. 🙂

Changelog View more

Fixed the basement in Malfoy Manor, a hole in the wall at the Ministry of Magic, and added a TP out of the Lovegood Residence.

Added media fire link! Wasn't aware google drive didn't work well on mobile. Sorry!



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300 Responses

4.73 / 5 (127 votes)
  1. Guest-6658746434 says:

    Hi Belkov/Poetic Whispers, this map is very very nice. But I have one question: when will version 3 comming?

  2. Guest-6658746434 says:

    Hi Belkov/Poetic Whispers, this map is very very nice. But I have one question: when will version 3 comming?

  3. User-6048271312 says:


  4. Bob F. says:

    Thanks for this awesome map!

  5. aleyann says:

    I feel Hufflepuff was not as detailed as the others and why does it only have eight beds!!! As a Hufflepuff, I’m offended by this even more so when the other houses seem to have been worked on more. In the next version please at least fix this or improve it. It just seems bias.

  6. FIREDEMON99999 says:

    When is the next update coming I seriously can’t wait!!!

    • belkov says:

      Well, it appears that some real life stuff has taken priority for the past period. PoeticWhisper has been working on personal and marketplace stuff and I have been doing other stuff as well.
      It is only a matter of time before we will put our shoulders under the last remaining small things and getting her done for a Version 3 release.

      One thing that is important to note; building creative stuff requires creativity and energy…..if one of the two is missing it is not wise to force it, the latter is which I am doing….not forcing it as I am currently doing other stuff.

      I might nag mr Poetic soon though 😉

  7. someone says:

    can anybody tell me where are dumbledors lies and filtces office? sorry for my bad english:(

  8. Anonymous says:

    Where the marauders map horcruxes founders items and deathly hollows

  9. Anonymous says:

    Any redstone or command blocks?

  10. Tucker Hampton says:

    How to get to the World Cup

  11. Ravenclaw says:

    Great Map! When is the next update scheduled to be released?

    • belkov says:

      I kind of hoped to see a january or february release, but we are both taking “some time off” for various reasons.

      There is not that much stuff to be done I think; the roof for the Quidditch World Cup comes to mind, and then it’s some finishing touches. A lot of stuff has been done in the latter part of last year, and now we are both waiting for the “hunger” to come back and finish this puppy.

      PoeticWhisper is also a MP creator, which means he has to professionally work on MC, which in turn might mean most of his creative energy goes into those projects. Needless to say it would not be in everybody’s interest to get yourself burnt out on a personal project…..I can only say that we both intend to finish stuff, but never at personal costs.

  12. Roman says:

    How do u download it

  13. Nathan Gamerdog says:

    What are the buildings at 9961, 4, 10012
    and 9955, 4, 10078

    • belkov says:

      These are some temporary buildings and room for some of the command blocks. I tried my hand at some ideas to possibly be implemented at a later moment as well. Like the prison Nurmengard.

  14. Tiffany says:

    Hey I’m on pe version and wondering how to get the marauders map!?!?
    I know it is in flinch’s office but I can’t find it!
    Please help

  15. Anonymous says:

    Help! I’m stuck in the chamber of secrets sksksksk

  16. HarryPotterMCfan says:

    I put the download into the .minecraft > saves folder, but why when I open minecraft version 1.9, the world doesn’t show up?

  17. Daniel says:

    Mediafire no longer works on iOS. Need a new way to load to iOS.

  18. Molly says:

    Cool map…just wondering if the chamber of secrets is in it?

  19. Zachary says:

    Why is it only of version 1.9, can you make it for 1.14. And provide a .zip, it works for you first one

  20. Doctor Strange says:

    How to install thar map in MCPE ?
    I downloaded it but it didnt come out in game.

  21. FIREDEMON99999 says:

    Absolutely love your map it’s so cool and inspiring. But if you could it would be cool if you could make the entire thing into a realm so, if that would happen people could have cool pvp fights in the different locations. By the way I suggest that you use the endgateway block from the secret blocks addon for the ceiling in the great hall. Overall an astonishing map and I’m really looking forward to version 3.0

  22. Hoggywartz says:

    I just found the life and lies of albus Dumbledore but I can’t get it. Great map!!!!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hey uh I trying to download the world, but it won’t let me

    Cool world btw

  24. cashmoney13 says:

    I’ve found a lot of Easter Eggs/important items but some of them were lost in item frame accidents, could these be put in chests? Also, is there any kind of story mode/quest I can do? Asking after reading some comments.
    Great map

    • belkov says:

      This is taken care of for our next version, pretty much every custom item is now in a chest.
      There is not really a story mode, as this can then both be created/filled in by the players who download the map, and because it also takes a lot of work. We are a very small group of people (2 people now) actively building with one of us also being a marketplace partner and as such not being able to spend much time on the map.

      We have been kind of on pause for the past month due to various reasons but still hope to release Version 3 somewhere in the near future.

      • FIREDEMON99999 says:

        First of all great map absolute love it. I was wondering if you could make all of it into a pocket edition realm so people could have epic pvp fights in all of the cool locations. By the way I suggest that you use the end gateway block from the secret block addon for the ceiling in the great hall. Overall absolutely fantastic map, great job.

  25. persichini says:

    Second Task… i found the armor stands. i can’t take them. i can remove all items but it still doesn’t seem to complete the task. Am i missing something or is it not finished?

  26. Edmund blackadder says:

    How do you get into the chamber of secrets

    • Anonymous says:

      Find the girls lavatory (-195 39 -293) and press the bottom stone button on the wall near the sink. This will create an opening to the chamber of secrets. You can also go there directly by teleporting to -244 5 -318

  27. Ginny says:

    Can somebody tell me where I can find the marauders Map

  28. glassofsprrite says:

    How can I add it into my MinecraftPE?

  29. Stevie says:

    Im having trouble installing it, Im not sure if it is cause im on Mac or not.

  30. Sta198 says:

    Can I please have a list of all the artefacts (like the lost diadem and elder wand) because I feel like I’m searching for stuff that isn’t even in the map 😂.

  31. vexatron200 says:

    does it still work in MC 1.12?

  32. Jonny says:

    I’m getting an error when I try to open it up. Do I need to download a different version or a special plugin or something?
    Error: Specified LevelDB world format version (8) is not supported by PocketMine-MP

    • belkov says:

      Unfortunately, Pocketmine does not yet support the current Bedrock LevelDB format.

      I have 0 experience with PocketMine but took some time to look into it:
      Apparently, you need a converter (LevelDB to Anvil) or use MCCtoolchest to convert to MCPC version which you can import.

      I cannot offer any help, as I have 0 experience, but use the Pocketmine-MP forum on https://forums.pmmp.io/forums/help/

      Good luck!

  33. Anonymous says:

    hey!! I absolutely LOVE this map and it’s so detailed!! I just have one question:in the second task taking place in the merpeople village,can you move the armor stands to complete the task?or do they just stay there?

  34. Josh Schlegel says:


  35. Lexxi Carnage says:

    You seem to have forgotten the bleachers around the quidditch field. Loving the map though! Downladed it for my hubby to enjoy as a small birthday surprise and he loves it. He is a huge Harry Potter fan and so am I (him more so lol)

    • Lexxi Carnage says:

      Also you should strongly consider submitting this to Mojang when it’s completed so they can see if maybe they would get onboard with Warner Brothers to actually have this in the store with character skins. Would be really cool for Xbox players. I got Minecraft on my laptop so my hubby can join on his xbox for cool stuff like this.

  36. Max says:

    You have talked about a ‘live version’ and is it any different from this download? If so, how do you download it?

    • belkov says:

      The “live” version referred to is on our Realm where our team can build online. It has automatic backups so we are safeguarded against any “oops moments” 😉

      Also this realm is for our team only, so unfortunately you are not able to download it but rest assured: when enough progress has been made, a new upload will be posted here.

  37. Nathan Gamerdog says:

    I know you dont have Shell Cottage but im wondering where it will be.

    • belkov says:

      it is in our live version, completed and well and will be close to the “Hut on Rock”, next to a big piece of water. You can reach it through the floo-network.

  38. Craftprolings21 says:

    How did you make the terrain? This would be very useful for me and I hope you can reply!

    • belkov says:

      The terrain was all made by hand. I know for a fact that PoeticWhisper had some people come on to help with the terraforming at certain points, as it is/was a very tedious process. We also don’t use WorldEdit at all. We build block by block on a realm. Recently we are experimenting using commandblocks for terrain generation, which is not too hard, but in order to get good terrain it needs a lot of fiddling.

      • Craftprolings21 says:

        Can I help out with the build please? This would really mean a lot to me as the map is amazing! My minecraft PE username is Craftprolings21

  39. Anonymous says:

    I can’t seem to get the marauders map out of the item frame. can someone explain how to do that?

  40. VaderGuy5217 says:

    Amazing. One thing, however. Could you explain how to use the Room of Requirement?
    Do I need to hold the item in my hand, or just have it in my inventory? Does it matter if I have two RoR items in my inventory?

    • belkov says:

      You need to drop the items on the indicated spot, just in front of the wall (there is a sign that points to the spot). You will get a message that the new room is loaded.

      Then you only need to walk over the spot with a wand to open the room.
      For an example, see around 5:25 in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OyRP6fGXDU

      • Jayden says:

        Doesnt work for me
        It says come and go room and then i get wand and walk around but then I get the place where everything is hidden

  41. Thomas Poggenklaas says:

    When will version 3 be out to play

  42. Anonymous says:

    Hello just saying that this map is amazing and I would definitely recommend it to any Harry Potter fan

  43. This random dude says:

    Hey, been waiting for the V2 since I downloaded and played V1. Just asking, no rush, when will V3 come out. Just an estimation of time.

    • belkov says:

      Very hard to answer; we have a list of unfinished things we want to complete from V2, then we are also in the process of upgrading/updating some of the older stuff and then we also have a list of new things that we want to do still.

      A small list of things:

      – Quidditch World Cup (This is a HUUUGE undertaking) We have something that resembles as stadium now, but need to build the entire surrounding area with landscaping, tents, deatheaters disturbing the party….etc.
      – Finish Gringotts (I’m guessing this is like 98% complete now)
      – Add shell cottage – We’ve had 2 mockups of the thing, 1 of which is now being implemented but needs some work
      – We keep going back to Hogwarts to add/change some small stuff. Added a whole new section under the castle, which is accurate according to the books but as they are not in the movies there is some debate if we will keep it or not. I also want to add some more classrooms that are on the official Marauder’s map (Book of Monsters repair shop, Cauldron Cupboard, Lost wands, etc)
      – Reworked the Floo Network/Powder.
      – Added the Beauxbatons Carriage
      – Added a secret room that is canon according to the games (Secret Study)
      – Reworked the Chamber of Secrets entrances
      – Reworked the Room of Requirement entrance
      – Reworked Dumbledore’s Grave
      – Added all of the Deathly Hallows with an Easter Egg if you get them all
      – We (read: Me) want to implement ALL of the Horcruxes at some point
      – Adding more and more secret passages to and from Hogsmeade. (There are 7 in total, a number of which are not pictured in the books/movies so we want to be creative)
      – Looking to rework the Phone booth entrance to the Ministry of Magic
      – Wanting to extend the railroad that goes to/from Hogsmeade
      – Contemplating if we want to do the Durmstrang ship, which is difficult as the Great Lake is too small and will become overcrowded.
      – Add Nurmengard castle, where Grindelwald is killed (we have a version of it already, but is on the list to discuss)

      And then there is fantastic beasts….

      So yes, lots of stuff on our radar 🙂

    • anonymous says:

      how do you get the map

  44. Craftprolings21 says:

    Hey! This map is amazing! I play it every day with either my best friend or my brother. I have subscribed and can I be part of the project? I’m really sensible and won’t do anything without your permission! Hope you can reply!

  45. 360 says:

    Great!!! Add the Hogwarts Express

  46. Anonymous says:

    I just want to know, where do you find the Maurauders Map and once you have it what do you do with it? I’m very confused. Btw this map is amazing and I even got a Gryffindor skin to match! <3

    • Clara says:

      The Marauders Map is in Filch’s Office, next to the Great Hall. It looks like a mini-tower outside, on the left of the Great Hall.
      If my memories are correct ^^’’

  47. chloe says:

    very cool except i’m lost and cant find Hogwarts lol

  48. Emmypants says:

    Is it possible to play on the Java edition? I can’t figure out how to install on the latest edition which I just recently bought 🙁 I can get the files just right but I cant get them to work with my version of minecraft (1.14) ;_;

    • mincraft187 says:

      have you managed to download it? because i have the exact same problem and id love to play this map….

      • VaderGuy5217 says:

        This entire site is meant for addons, seeds, and maps for the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft (Xbox One, IOS, Android, and Windows 10). If you want to find maps for Java Edition, I suggest the site PlanetMinecraft.

  49. Ida says:

    I love this Map so much, but if you take The scene from Harry Potter 6, when they zoom out of The castle, then up to where Ron and Lavender kisa, list up some stairs in a tower, and then a little over is the astronomy tower where we see Draco.
    I can’t seem to find the tower on that builder where they kiss. You can search (harry and hermione how does it feel)

    Plus, i tried taking the marauders map of the wall and it vanished. I didn’t get it 🙁

  50. Nicholas says:

    Now that I’m in this page, what do I press to get it?

  51. Jacob says:

    Tried like 10 time to download it!!! I would always get the message on Minecraft that “Your Import was successful” and when I would try to make the world I wouldn’t see it. Is there something i can do??

    • belkov says:

      You don’t need to create this world, it will be in your (saved) Worlds. Scroll through your worlds to see if it’s there.

  52. kennedy says:

    I love this map so much!! only problem is that on mcpe, when i try to retrieve things from item frames, they just disappear… could you possibly put them in chests in the next version

  53. Andrew says:

    Can I download this on Xbox one bedrock edition?

  54. Nick says:

    I can’t find filches office can I get the coordinates

  55. Anonymous says:

    I can’t find filches office can I get the coordinates

  56. KingHenry says:

    This is an incredibly detailed map and is super fun to explore. I would urge all Harry Potter fans to download this. If you find the Triwizard Tournament maze, find your way to the centre and push the button to be teleported to the graveyard. To get back to Hogwarts, follow the trees! I love this map congratulations!

  57. Olivia says:

    My app keeps crashing when I’m in the map but when I’m in my other maps it doesn’t crash

  58. Alfonsina says:

    Hola, pude descargar el mapa y lo coloqué en la carpeta saves de .minecraft, pero cuando entro al juego no me reconoce el mundo

  59. Matheus H says:

    i hope the next update on the next months maybe september or october
    i would love see quidditch world cup with the tents

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove the mao

  60. Mattie says:

    Any chance you guys have the .zip link so i can download it on xbox like for version 1?

  61. Ellie says:

    Hi I can’t get to platform 9 and three quarters I can’t find the pressure plate anywhere and have looked around in detail. I found it on the old one. Please help, is there coordinates you can send maybe?

  62. Cale says:

    So so awesome. Thanks guys. Anything going to update with the world cup area? I know you guys are on break. Was really hoping to see the camp area and the stadium. Either way so detailed and amazing. Version 2 is even better.

  63. Thoroma says:

    When is Version 3 coming out?

    • Anonymous says:

      That might take a while, Poetic, Conner and myself have taken a breather to focus on different parts of our life. This is and always will be a passion project, and as such can only be completed when everything else is in balance.
      I can say that there are already some changed done, buildings created and some neat rides should be coming….

  64. Idk says:

    How do i download i tried tutorials and it didnt work but i dont wanna pay money.

  65. Hufflepuff0529 says:

    This map is freaking amazing!!!!! I was able to download it to Minecraft PE and use realms to copy it onto my Xbox One (for those wondering how to do it.) Just play on it for a few hours with my brother (a Slytherin) and we still are finding new stuff! There are only a couple of things I would suggest fixing:

    – The Hufflepuff button that brings up the title has it spelled wrong (fixed it in my map.)

    – It is Professor McGonagall and Professor Pomfrey.

    -The lighting is some areas (that I have seen so far) is really bad. Such as the Ministry of Magic, parts of the castle, etc.

    -Portkey to World Cup doesn’t work.

    I am super excited to keep exploring this map and being a part of Hogwarts at last!

    • belkov says:

      Thanks for your feedback;
      – The Hufflepuff name has already changed on our “live” working version, thanks for pointing it out. I’m a Dutchie, so I misspelled it due to Hufflepuff being spelled Huffelpuf in the Dutch version.
      – Professor McGonagall’s office was already changed as well, Professor Pomfrey’s office is labeled “Matron’s office” now in our live version. I’m not sure if either name is used in the books or movies so we went with this moniker.
      – Lighting is also affected by your shader/texture pack in a way, but I can tell that the Ministry’s “bad” lighting is more or less intentional, as we tried to recreate that specific night where Dumbledore’s Army broke in to the ministry and nobody was there, thus all lights were more or less off. Perhaps we can add some light switches in the future, and make it so the user can choose.
      – I thought I made the portkey work, but apparently I forgot. Not that you will miss a lot, as the Quidditch World Cup is nowhere near finished.

      • Alyssa says:

        Hi, I love this map. However, I’m just confused as to how to get out of ravenclaw and how to get into grifyndor. Please help. Also, where is the wall that leads to the Room of Requirment.

  66. Me says:

    What are the coordinates for azkaban

  67. twiniker says:

    Is there Professor Umbridge’s office? If not, it needs to be added in V3

    • belkov says:

      We don’t have Umbridge’s office in Hogwarts itself, (the office in question is located in the back of the Defense Against the Dark Arts office and because it was used by various professors during the timeline, only one of them could be used. We do have Umbridge’s office in the Ministry of Magic. Through he magical offices, up the stairs and at the end of the big hall with all the tables…..it has Moodeye’s Magical Eye on the door as well.

  68. twiniker says:

    Does anyone have the actual coordinates to get to the Quidditch World Cup? The portkey dosen’t do anything. Somebody help me.

  69. Lei says:

    I looked amazing and I was so upset to learn that its PC only, could you make it downloadable on pocket edition

    • Emma says:

      I love it. And i want to build Hogwarts to, but I don’t find a good map. Can you post yours without the building?That would be amazing!

    • Durd says:

      I love this map! I just wish I had a quidditch mod to play on the pitch! I’m on pe, so I can’t download mods. Maybe you can add a mod that we can download? Thanks.

  70. Doesntmatter says:

    Hi, so I accidentally dug down while at the tent in the Forest of Dean and I found the actual inside of the tent was under ground. How did you get that teleportation thingy working because I saw no pressure plates or tripwires.

  71. Twiniker says:

    How do you use – in the last numbers in the coordinate when your teleporting? When i use it it just leads me to the sky or some weird place. Somebody help me

  72. Primrose Granger says:

    I love this map!!!!! There are no words to explain my excitement, joy, wonder, and …. AH! I just love it so much, you and the other builders are really making all my Harry Potter dreams come true!! I have told my friends all about this map, and I think they are sick of me talking about it. All the places and items and detail you have put into so many of the locations is truly spectacular. And don’t get me started on the redstone /commands!!!! It’s truly truly amazing work, and I know I have more things to discover in the map, but it is so amazing. Version 1 was truly spectacular, but version 2 just completely like blew up my head. I’ve tried my best to get down how much I feel about this map in this comment, but I think there are no words that would precisely tell you how I feel. Thank you, PoeticWhisper, and everyone that helped make my H.P. dreams come true!!! (P.s. Can’t wait for V3! I know it’s going to be great!)

    • belkov says:

      V3 might take a while, we are all more or less taking a break from the immense work that went into the map. I know Mr Poe is also busy on marketplace stuff

  73. Anonymous says:

    it’s sooo good but i’m having trouble finding slythern common room as i went to the coordinates but it is in a pantry?

  74. I love this map says:

    Everything was amazing especially the room of requirement and the floo network was so cool this map definitely deserves 5 stars and is so much like the books and reminds me of the graphics form the movies
    P.S Where is hufflepuffs cup and ravenclaws diadem at I foun the other ones

  75. Marcofun says:

    This was great at first, but in the tp hub all of a sudden, right clicking started destroying blocks! anything I right clicked got immediately destroyed. so i couldn’t go anywhere cuz i couldnt press buttons!

  76. Lame says:

    exist an zip file?

  77. Sarah Millier says:

    On my map, I can’t find platform 9 3/4. When I’m at the train station there is nothing for the platform. I have the version 2 map and the version 1 but I can’t find the platform on version 2, I have found it on version 1. Can anyone help me?

    • belkov says:

      .between platform 9 and 10, there is a pressure plate against the pillars. There is also a cart on this platform…..walk over the pressure plate and you will be teleported to platform 9 3/4. Then press the button in the Hogwarts express to get to Hogsmeade station

  78. Loraine says:

    Vraiment génial on dirai vraiment les lieux dans les films c’est très bien fait seul bémol je ne trouve la salle sur demande est ce qu’elle est là ou pas

  79. Marco says:

    We play version 1 on a pocketmine server, but version 2 cannot be played because leveldb version 8 isn’t supported, v1 was leveldb 7 I believe. is it possible to get the map with older version suppor?

  80. Hello says:

    Everything is amazing and almost exactly like the movies and books the only thing I had trouble with was downloading it but it worked out fine
    Where is the muarders map at

  81. hvnly_craft says:

    the paintings and the stuff inside the item frames disappeared all of a sudden. Why is that?

  82. DeNi says:

    How to get a map of looters

  83. Nora says:

    I would like to download this to my mobile pe Virson but I can’t find a download button

  84. Umbreongengar says:

    How do I access the world on Minecraft PE? I don’t know how to do it, do you have to type in a seed, or is it a pack? Please help

    • Marcofun says:

      Click the download link and then click “open when done” or “open”

    • Doesntmatter says:

      The whole world?
      I do the media file link, then click the download button, then once it’s done loading in the new window I click the option “open with file” or it may say “open with mincraft” then it takes me to the Minecraft pe app and I look through all my world for the recently downloaded world and then play it

    • Nellie says:

      This map is absolutely amazing, but I have a couple things to ask. First, is Quidditch World Cup area going to complete in V3? Because I tried coordinates of Portkey to Cup and the actual Cup, but they didn’t work. The second thing is the Room of Requirements. I used my wand and chose the type of Room. But I couldn’t open it. Then, I found a little room behind the wool-wall. When I broke it, I found a button which writes “Open RoR” on top. I hit the button, and I opened the room. But, how can I “normally” get in to the Room of Requirements? Can somebody help me?

  85. Loraine says:

    Je ne trouve pas la salle sur demande est ce qu’elle est là

  86. Lol says:

    Hey dude really awesome map you made but you know how ceiling in the grand hall shows weather there’s a addon on this same sight where you can get a block that looks like the knight sky i think it’s called unobtainable blocks addo

  87. A1Z26 says:

    Great map but about the secret passages thing, where are all of them ???

    • Stallion264 says:

      Honestly I don’t know much and I’m just exploring, but one secret passage is in the defence against the dark arts room. It’s under one of the trapdoors around the back of that statue thing and it leads to honey dukes in hogsmeade. Hope that helps. 🙂

  88. Endbringer says:

    Hi just wondering could you please complete the gringotts bank ??? Cuz everything is perfect except that …

    • Anonymous says:

      We are working on that now, minecraft ride more or less completed, vaults (with functioning doors) are added. Now to add the dragon and the vault of Lestrange…..this takes some serious work still.

  89. DDL says:

    I am struggling to find the entrence to the hogwarts express?

    • belkov says:

      Kings Cross Station, which is in London (coordinates 133 4 1640)…..between platform 9 and 10, there is a pressure plate against the pillars. There is also a cart on this platform…..walk over the pressure plate and you will be teleported to platform 9 3/4. Then press the button in the Hogwarts express to get to Hogsmeade station

      • DDL says:

        Thank you so much

      • Firedemon9 says:

        Hey belkov real good job u did on the castle but u know how the ceiling in the big hall can look like stars, there’s an addon that has a block in it wich looks like the night sky I believe it’s called unobtainable blocks addon hope u see this would be a really nice touch

  90. Hi says:

    I try to get the marauders map and then it just keeps disappearing!

    • belkov says:

      Middle mouse click to take an item from an item frame on PC. Apparently this option is missing on mobile unfortunately

  91. Izzy M says:

    Also I don’t know how to get into the prefects bathroom apart from tp ing right into it

  92. Izzy M says:

    Also I don’t know how to get into the prefects bathroom apart from tp ing right into it

  93. Izzy M says:

    This is an amazing map BUT I can’t seem to get into the chamber of Secrets through the girls lavatory. Am I meant to? Because I can see some pistons but they don’t work? I’m a bit confused

    • belkov says:

      I believe I enabled the “old” way of opening the Chamber with a button, but there should be a bunch of dark shulker boxes with one of them having (I believe) a basilisk tooth in it….take if out and the sink should open.

  94. Critter018 says:

    Opps, found the hospital wing

  95. Critter018 says:

    I am very disappointed with the hospital wing. Sooo small.In V3 make it bigger.

  96. Critter018 says:

    Hey, I play PE on my IPad and I can’t get the Marauders Map or the Elder Wand. If I click them, they just disappear. Any suggestions. But in V3 can you put it in a chest?

    • belkov says:

      I will put this on the to-do list as this issue will also occur with the Elder wand at Dumbledore’s grave and Gryffindors sword in the forest of Dean for example.
      Unfortunately, neither of us who built on this map realized that on the PE there is no option for players to select an item from an item frame.

      For now, you could use an anvil and get an empty map and rename it yourself for,the functionality to be the same…..check out the mirror on the fourth floor on the grand staircase to check if it is working 😉

    • May says:

      You have to go into settings and put title drops on.

    • Ned says:

      The elder wand is inside dumbledores grave in a chest

  97. Critter018 says:

    I love this map. But I can’t get in room of requirement. There are some buttons but they don’t do anything. Is that supposed to do that.

    • belkov says:

      The buttons will load the room and it’s different states. To open the room, you need the wand you received at the beginning (or get a new one at either of Olivander’s shops) and walk up and down the indent in the floor 3 times until the room opens.

  98. Nyx says:

    Hi, this map is so so so AMAZINGGGGG, however I have been looking for the Marauders Map but I can’t find Filch’s office 🙁 can someone give me coordinates or a hint as to where his office is? 😀

    • belkov says:

      One of very few places were we forgot to put coordinates….it’s on the outside, next to the great hall. On the side of the boathouse….I believe if that when you fly in from Hogsmeade station and cross the 3 towers from the second task, you pretty much hit it….it’s the small tower office

  99. Joe says:

    I have explored entirely the whole map and it was great! Only have suggestions
    – pls create the vanishing cabinet in the ROR to borgin and burkes
    – pls create the quiditch world cup stadium and link this to the port key
    – adding details also from fantastic beasts world like french and american ministries, lestrange tomb, paris, grindelwald’s lair, etc.
    – complete details on hogwarts rooms. Example – parts of the astronomy tower are empty, add more classrooms for the gryffindor tower, expansion of the gryffindor common room since i think it is quite smaller compared with the other common rooms,
    – addition of all 7 secret passageways in hogwarts
    – completion of the rail from kings cross to hogwarts (the scenery is quite beautiful if completed)

    • belkov says:

      thanks for the review. I can say the following:
      – The vanishing cabinet is already in the RoR (Come and Go Room). And it already goes to Borgin and Burkes. It also works vice-versa, so if any other room is loaded and you step into the cabinet from Knockturn alley and press the button (in the ceiling) you will be transported to the proper RoR Room
      – The Quidditch World Cup was started, but it’s an immense project, so it needs to be completed. It’s about 10% completed with the pitch itself done, but the stadium itself needs complete work. The portkey is already there (and working), look around The Burrow for a small hill with portkey)
      – Fantastic Beasts 1 and 2…..well, that’s like another 2 years worth of work I’m afraid. We did slowly start working on New York (Museum, bakery, Salem church and some other stuff) but it’s so much that it will take a loooong time.
      – As PoeticWhisper himself once told me: “Hogwarts is never done”, so we always expect some minor stuff. I also think there’s still a lot of stuff people haven’t found yet..hidden away for people to find after reading the books. The Gryffindor common room looks a lot like the room from the movies, and if it looks smaller than the other common rooms can be explained by comparing them to the movie layouts…..it IS smaller, but it’s also magical 🙂
      – I think we have all the (secret) passageways that are shown in the books/movies. But we wanted to stay accurate, so we only did the ones where it was accurately described both where they originate, and where they end…(like the statue of the one-eyed-witch to Honeydukes). There are 2 (or 4, depending on how you look at them) passageways to be found, but you need the Marauder’s map for it. Also, PoeticWhisper said he wanted the castle to be more like that of the later years, and by then 3 (I think) of the passageways were blocked, so we in essence have more….you just need to find them 🙂
      – I did look at this a couple of weeks ago….because of the layout of the map this needs some work. We also at least discussed the idea of also having a Hogwarts Express on Hogsmeade station to TP back and forth to King’s Cross, but since the orientation is wrong, we couldn’t just clone it (and we don’t use World Edit), which means we have to hand build it from scratch again, which isn’t really on any of the priority lists……but it IS on the list.

  100. Jay says:

    AMAZING!!! Absolutely love the detail and time spent creating this map! Two suggestions, though, can you do Weasleys Wizard wheezes (did I spell that right) and add Mrs Figgs house. I would love to see the first one added for version 3 definitely, but the second one doesn’t matter too much. Thanks!

    • belkov says:

      I am quite sure that the first building to your right, when entering Diagon Alley, is Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. Mrs Figgs house indeed appears to be missing. Not sure if it is/was planned but will keep it in mind.

  101. Unknown says:

    Hi, is this on mcpe? If so what’s the port and address and stuff?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes it is obviously on MCPE (the website you re on is specificly for it) and whil there is a live version online, it is closed to the actual builders/creator of the map.

      You can download the map by clicking the download links above (mediafire or google drive).

  102. 10101010101110011 says:

    Oh I found the lost diadem of Raveclaw. Is there something I can do with it ???

  103. Thomas Shilts says:

    Where is Hufflepuff’s cup at same with the invisibllity cloak at

  104. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I saw in the comments about the horcruxes and I’ve found all of them apart from Nagini, the Hufflepuff Cup (since they haven’t been put it yet), but I can’t find Marvolo Gaunt’s ring anywhere. Has it been put in the map?

    • belkov says:

      Yes, it is. You can find the Gaunt shack through the new TP hub. Use floo powder in a fireplace or tp to 31 7 1980 (Harry Potter’s birthday)

  105. Ali says:

    Im happy for the update, i downloaded a previous version and spent some time building up the tower in parliament because it allowed me to practise building.

    • belkov says:

      Same for me, I have played on this map the majority of my time with Minecraft. Which I admit isnt that long obviously, but you learn by building

  106. Thomas Shilts says:

    Where is the Marauders map, invisibility cloak, Hufflepuff’s special item, and Ravenclaw’s crown

    • - says:

      I won’t tell you directly… But the Marauders Map is where Fred and George first found it. So far I haven’t found the invisibility cloak and I’m not sure if there is one. I assume you mean the Hufflepuff cup. It isn’t in the map yet because the area isn’t complete for it. Ravenclaws lost diadem (the crown) is in the room of requirement somewhere within the storage room. (Use the Half Blood Princes book to access this room). I hope this is hopeful ☺

    • belkov says:

      In Filch’s office, in the Gryffindor boys dormitory (in Harry’s chest), not present due to the Gringotts vaults not done and in the Room of Requirement (Come and Go room) respectively 🙂

  107. Luna lovegood says:

    Where is the weasley house?!?

  108. Potter says:

    Just noticed that there is a chest containing all the Redstone items under hogwarts such as the lost diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw

    Question : does ALL those things do something ???

    • belkov says:

      Some of them do something yes, but it is just a quick and easy way for the creators of the map to quickly find something if they need it or when something gets misplaced.

      The 5 items (from the top of my head) that actually do something: Wand, Elder Wand, Floo Powder, DA Coin and HBP Potion Book…..

      These can all be found in the game too:
      Wand: Olivander’s Wand shop (and you get one at the start)
      Elder Wand: Dumbledore’s grave
      Floo Powder: at the spawn (Hogsmeade Station)
      DA Coin (Hog’s Head)
      HBP Potion Book: Potions Class.

      Now, try and find the DA coin and go look near the Room of Requirement for the “designated spot” and perhaps drop the coin there 😉

      • Doesntmatter says:

        I did that, I can’t figure out how to make it work. I have an DA coin but when I drop it in the designated spot, and walk across the notch in the floor 3 times, it only goes to the room where things are hidden, how do I get to all the other ror rooms?

  109. Poetic Fan says:

    Could you please tell me where the Hogwarts library is?

  110. Hog Fan says:

    Do the Elder wand and the Marauders map do anything special cause I found both of them and I can’t seem to find anything that requires them. And in V3 are u going to complete hog warts as a whole so that it’s will be 100% complete. Only asking cause there’s stress were there’s a wall instead of an entreance and there are hall ways that are plains and some rooms have nothing inside of them Besides that this is a 8.5/10 as soon as those get filled in this map will definitely be a 10/10 very impressive keep up the fantastic work.

    • belkov says:

      I reckon you mean the Room of Requirement when you mention the wall instead of an entrance, which is correct. You need your wand to open it and it closes again, like in the movies.
      I am not completely aware of any empty rooms to be honest, so if you could point us in the correct direction (Hogwarts is huge) that would be nice.
      The Marauders Map opens hidden passageways…..look for statues and mirrors for example while holding the map….

    • Sophie says:

      Having trouble picking up the things in item frames, is anyone else having that issue?

  111. Hog Fan says:

    Do the elder wand and marauders map do anything. Cause I found the location to wear they are but I can seem to do anything with them

    • belkov says:

      The Elder Wand……yes, that does something……remember that Voldemort was holding it when he struck Harry with Avada Kedavra….it’s one of our easter eggs that we wanted people to find on their own 😉

  112. Ravenclaw says:

    Is there a way you can get the Half-Blood Princes book?

  113. Billy bob joe says:

    Hey the map doesn’t let my friend do anything soo I was wondering if you could fix that……

  114. Micah Dunning says:

    How do you download maps in pocket edition please tell me soon

  115. Nikki says:

    How do you get to Platform 9 3/4?

    • Anonymous says:

      There is a pressure plate against the pillar between platforms 9 and 10. (There is also a cart next to it). Step on it and presto…

  116. Skskkssk says:

    How can i take marauders map from filch’s office?? But great map, i love it!!

  117. ??? says:

    Omg thx so much been waiting for this a while already

  118. Harley Moore says:

    Amazing map! Just wondering did you add all the Horcruxes?

    • Anonymous says:

      Every single one except Nagini…..I/we still intend to do them all but I couldnt figure out a proper way (yet). It’s a good thing PoeticWhisper held me back as I was already working on forcing the players to only be able to get the horcruxes in the proper order and while having the correct items in inventory (there’s a reason the deluminator is in the tent) but that would have made it extremely hard for the casual player to find them all, if any.

      If I had my way, you needed the elder wand, the astronomy tower, a specific spot and an action to even get to the Horcrux cave….and in the end that proved overkill

    • belkov says:

      oops, I just realized we didn’t do Helga Huffelpuff’s Cup, as Gringott’s isn’t done…..my bad.

  119. hahahaha ELi says:

    worst map jk

  120. Maddy says:

    So I accidentally deleted the marauders map while trying to grab it, so I was wondering if there happens to be a second one or anyway you know I can get it back?

    • belkov says:

      2 ways to get it back; reinstall the map or craft your own with an empty map and an anvil. I have to admit that from the top of my head i cant recall if I called it “The Marauder’s Map”, “Marauder’s Map” or “The Marauders Map”. Although it shouldnt make that much of a difference 😉 if you read the books you will discover locations to explore that will only show when you have the Marauder’s Map

    • You can just use an anvil to rename a map “Marauders Map” and it’ll do the same thing.

  121. KingsguardMCPE says:

    Amazing map

  122. Alex says:

    Can you tell me what tools you use to make maps please?

    • belkov says:

      Not sure I understand what you mean…..this complete Harry Potter world (“map”) was made by placing brick by brick using vanilla Minecraft. Yes, some cloning was used but most of it was old fashioned building by hand.

      The castle overview near the spawn was done by PoeticWhisper. I think using locater maps, but I never played survival and am still very gree when it comes to mechanics I literally dont know what “sorcery” it is

    • Creative mode, blocks, lots of hard work.

  123. Critter018 says:

    Where is the Tp hub now ? It used to be in the defense against the dark art office.

    • belkov says:

      It still is, but now you can use Floo Powder (find it at the spawn at the Hogsmeade station. Throw it on the ground in the fireplace (netherrack) to teleport. Although I cant remember removing the pressure plate from the DADA office, the command block is probably still there so you could always put a pressure plate there to enable the old fashioned TP.

      Also, TP to 31 7 1980 for the new TP hub

    • You have to throw some floo powder onto the netherrack. Or just do /tp @s 7 31 1980

  124. Critter018 says:

    Ammmmazing. The Minecraft store has nothing like this. Never thought someone would make Hogwarts

  125. black_p0tter says:

    Where can I find marauders’ map??

  126. Christopher Lewis says:


    One, McGonagall’s office is mislabeled, as it is supposed to be Professor McGonagall, not Ms. McGonagall.

    Secondly, the same goes with Pomfrey’s office. as it is supposed to be labeled as Madam Pomfrey’s Office (or Matron’s Office) and not Ms. Pomfrey


  127. belkov says:

    PoeticWhisper also did a YouTube video, showcasing all the new stuff.
    Now I don’t know if they will let me, but I will paste it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKmov59wbZc
    Also find him at Youtube, as user PoeticWhisper

  128. MochaKitten11 says:

    This map is amazing! I love the flop powder addition, as well as how you presented each option of places to go! I only have one question, how exactly do you use the wands? Are they just for show or do they actually have a purpose when it comes to certain things?

    • belkov says:

      Well, you need a wand in your inventory to open the Room of Requirements…..it is explained in the Youtube video above, or just find the Room in the new TP hub and walk up and down the “hole” in the floor you find there a couple of times.

  129. Yass says:

    Waw,I’m speechless…..I was here when you uploaded the first version and I thought it was really nice,but now…it’s AMAZING!⚡️ I’ve never seen a wizarding world map like that on bedrock edition,that’s only for big java server like potterworld…but now,you just revolutionized the world!!😍 if I could say something,for me,the texture pack doesn’t fit,mostly the grass and for the paintings…but it’s okay and we just have to cheat a little bit the texture pack with hogwarts paintings and a better grass😌I think I’ve never see something that good! Bravo!!💚❤️💛💙

  130. Thien says:

    Is the marauders map called map 1
    I think I found just making sure

    • belkov says:

      Well, the Marauder’s Map is actually where Fred and George initially found it…..it wil be in an item frame, so you can take it as often as you want……and then you can go and find some secret passage ways you can only open with the map…..good hunting 😉

  131. Emerio says:

    The download isnt working

  132. Danyaal says:

    Heyyy this is an amazing place funny thing is the entire area where slughorns office is it was already made in v1 but I had to make my own stairs to get there and I am such a fan I did not need any co ordinates bleep up the amazing work

  133. James says:

    are you able to get your house chosen or no?

    • belkov says:

      No, at least…..not yet…..I’ve certainly brought it up once or twice for perhaps a future possibility, but considering some people might want to run this map on their own server, we didn’t pursue it yet……
      But yes, we did consider it and then make it so you could only enter your own house by means of a scoreboard command, but that would prevent regular users from finding/entering the other common rooms……choices, choices…

  134. Brxh says:

    The download-link doesn‘t work for me 🙁

  135. stormofscorpio says:

    having difficulty downloading this on iphone as the google drive link keeps saying there’s a problem with the network.
    anyway you can fix this please? don’t have a clue about all this technical shiz, just really wanna play an updated version of this map. thanks!

  136. Megan says:


  137. Ellie says:

    just thought I’d leave a review. i absolutely love this map it has kept me entertained for hours looking at all the locations. the teleport rooms are great ideas. the detail is incredible clearly a lot of effort has gone into this. i first had the version one which was great and i thought it couldn’t get better but it has I’m blown away. definitely recommend for anyone who loves harry potter like me

  138. Jude beresh says:

    Can you put a MediaFire link, too? This map looks really cool, but I can’t get it unless it is on MediaFire.

  139. Lxl brxh says:

    I think the download link doesn‘t work for me 🙁

  140. Milkisbest says:

    Yay! An updated version 😃

  141. Harley Moore says:

    Can’t download because it’s a google drive link. Could you please Change that. Looks good, really want to play!

  142. realnotch says:


  143. Joseph says:

    It’s soo beautiful, I love looking I’m the chests and finding Easter eggs, now sorry but I have so constructive criticism 1 some of the room off acquirements rooms don’t work well they do but you have to brake the wall 2 the horcrux cave was disappointingly small. Here’s so ideas for v3, Maybe and the underwater task and you know the pensive/ender portal in Dumbledore’s office maybe make that lead/ teleport you the hearing. Good job with everything and good luck with v3 and thank you sooo much for letting us all go to hogwarts & it’s surrounding areas.

    • belkov says:

      You shouldn’t have to break the wall……make sure you have a wand (if you lost it, go to Olivander’s wand shop and find one) and walk up and down the hole in the ground 3 times (up and down) and the door will open…..just like in the books.

  144. Bob121 says:

    How do I teleport I got lost and also amazing map I love it

  145. abby says:

    I would love to try this map, but I can’t open it through google drive. could you possibly host an. mcworld link?

  146. El says:

    It’s impossible to download this. Make it like ur last one through media fire plsss

  147. Levi says:

    When I tried to get the Marauder’s Map and the Elder Wand they both just dissappeared from the item frames and I couldn’t get them even when I tried it in survival. The floo powder also didn’t do anything when I threw it in a fireplace. Other than that it is a great map.

    • belkov says:

      Use middle mouse (I don’t know how to do it with a controller) to pick an item from an item frame and leave it intact….and you need to throw the Floo Powder on the netherrack, so some fireplaces in Hogwarts don’t work (only the one in the DADA office) as they should

  148. j.potter_mylove says:

    I can’t download it, help

  149. HPandStarWarsFan says:

    Thanks for the second edition

  150. Amy says:

    Can you make it possible to download through media fire like your version 1 Hogwarts map? Thats how most ppl download stuff.

  151. Sven says:

    Where did you found the Chroma Hills HD texure pack? I could not find it anywhere.

  152. Kym says:

    How to get on MCPE?

  153. belkov says:

    yay, the new version is out! A lot of work, blood, sweat and tears……

    For those early birds, be aware that a small update is coming today/tomorrow:
    We noticed a small issue with Malfoy Manor (we forgot to link the dungeons to the ballroom), omitted a TP button in Lovegood and forgot 1 teeny-peeny hole in a wall in the Hall of Prophecies.

    These are now corrected and uploaded, expect them around the same time as this reply is coming up!

    • Phantome says:

      I really loved the first version of your map and I really want to have the second but the new download-link doesn‘t work for me on iOS, if I click on the link there is an Error. Would be sooooo great if you can fix that <3🙏🏻

  154. John david says:

    So awesome we need a good Harry Potter Minecraft map and this is it

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