Published on November 24, 2022 (Updated on April 25, 2023)

Honey And Bears - Beach and Forest Update! (Compatible with 1.19.80)

Hello, welcome to Honey and Bears. This Add-On adds various things related to honey and other things, such as foods and blocks, more flowers, the addition of the grizzly bear, the lion, the hyena, the zebra, the exiled merchant, the toucan, the muddy pig, the duck, the platypus, the honey slime, the scarlet honeycreeper, the toad, the pelican, the crabs, the lobsters, the owls, the fly, the badger, the skeleton wolf, the capybara and the crow. This Add-On is translated in English, Spanish and. in Portuguese.

Note: You can use this in videos and modpacks, as long as you credit me!

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                -The toad was added.

               -The loot error of the platypus was corrected.

               -The pelican was added.

               -The fly was added.

               -The owl was added.

               -The zebra model's functionality was modified.

               -The duck was improved.

               -The badger was added.

               -The speed and damage of the skeletal wolf were changed.

               -Brown mushrooms were added.

               -Violet was added.

               -Red mushrooms were added.

               -The function of converting addon mushrooms to vanilla mushrooms was added.

               -The crab claw was added.

               -The crab was added.

               -The generation of limestone was changed.

               -The position of the rope in the models was fixed again.

               -Improved the Brazilian Portuguese translation.

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please update this beautiful plugin😔🙏
Año 300000000 D.C esperando una actualización
I would love to play on 1.20.40... but it doesn't work. I think
it's working like fine wine
Algunos mobs tienen el comportamiento de mobs ya exitentes, por ejemplo: el tejon tiene el mismo comportamiento como un oso polar hace para defender a su cria
update for version 1.20.15 some Mobs have bugs, and you should add more new animals I need an update with more things
This is an amazing mod! :) Could you maybe add taming bears or zebras? Just a suggestion. It would be really cool.
Hi RabanoMay, I'm Brazilian and I'm on version 1.20.12 and some mobs don't appear, I think it's because of the version. I would like to know if you are working for new updates, your work is very good. Thanks for the mod, really good and I hope new versions and updates. Keep up the good work. Thank you again
Yes, that's right, I'm currently working on the next update. Could you tell me which mobs do not appear? I need to know so I can fix them
Sometimes it's capybaras, platypus, zebra, sometimes it also interferes with mobs from 1.20 and the mobs you released don't appear in the catalog either. Some items also don't even appear in the creative catalog.
You could create an addon, well based on this one, or an update, for the taiga biome, it is quite forgotten in the game, right?
doing a taiga biome update is a good idea
Can you add Boars,Wolverine,Lynx and Coyote
Where I can get version without updates, but with Earth Mobs?
Deberías hacer que los badgers se puedan domesticar, e incluso podrías añadir a los regal tiger de Minecraft legends
Does this addon make other animals randomly aggressive? Ever since I added this to my world, I got jumped by like every mob randomly and for no reason💀
That shouldn't happen, I'll check it
RagingMalevolence‎‎ May 02, 2023 at 10:44 pm