By Editor
Published on March 09, 2016 (Updated on March 09, 2016)

Horses Mod

Who needs this the game has horses already! :<! :<
It’s for people using older versions :/
they actually look exactly like the horses we have now only they have the old model... good bye detailed feet
Hey can you make someone turn into a horse?
Who Need This We Have 0.15 Now! :D
It was needed when it was made. Why give a bad review?
Sir I'm sorry plss help me how to ride it in mcpe master because the block launcher gives me an error and the tool box app always force close so plss help me.thank you :-)
I can't import the texture it sais aam I rooted on my block launcher
Please copy and paste the entire error message here so we can better help you.
Wow! Thanks for the mod, it is the first one that has really worked perfectly!!! IM SO HAPPYYYYY!! :-D
Hello :) I just downloaded the mod, and first , I wanted to say that it is AWESOME , so thanks you. My only problem is, I can't seem to find the spawn eggs in my creative inventory...any advices?
If you wanna be on the safe side make sure to use Toolbox:

It's a mod which gives you access to ALL items/blocks in-game.
It's crashed when i tap saddle to tamed horse, what should i do?? To: Editor
Did it give any error message?
This mods works great when I added more pistons mod I've probably do some horse race track thanks for the mod editor.
How do u get the spawn eggs?
Creative inventory.
Hey editor you done a great job such a pleasure when your share this
can anyone can give me a direct download link please because my countries government has blocked due to constitutional issues
Try this: