Published on February 22, 2022 (Updated on June 12, 2023)

Fullbright Mobs

This pack makes all mobs glow in the dark as of 1.20. Mobs like the education edition NPC, phantoms, the sniffer, warden, iron golem, ravager, the wither, and villagers will be visible regardless of the light level they are in. Note that the held items do not glow.

The hostile overlay was removed because I made something similar on "Useful Particles" for hostile indication.

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  • Updated support for 1.20 to include mobs like warden, sniffer, and camels.
  • Removed hostile overlay features.


  • Fullbright_mobs.mcpack (482.46 KB)

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The armor you wear go invincible while using this pack in 1.19.73 pls fix that
Amazing, this is something I never expected that I needed. Better than not being able to use Fullbright resources pack I guess.
I've been WAITING for someone to make a pack like this!! Thanks so much!
Might it be possible to do this, but with ore borders? Thought I'd ask ^^ Thx again!
It works guys, 5 stars ⭐ It is compatible with 1.19-1.20