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Published on November 03, 2016 (Updated on November 03, 2016)

House of Horrors [Adventure]

The House of Horrors was created by the Mojang team and released during Halloween. Ghosts, ghouls and weeping angels are some of the creatures which are found living in this house of hell. But the main things which I think make it scary are the hidden traps and background noises.

There's no storyline to go along with the map but it's easy to make up your own as you step through the door and start exploring the house.

Creators: Mojang, Twitter Account

Get ready because it doesn't take long before the first jumpscare..


Watch your step. There are traps all over the house.

The house is occupied by many different creatures and most of them have a specific dislike for miners.

The house is built in a normal world. It looks as if a meteor has crashed into earth and spawned this madness.


  1. Separate downloads (easier method for iOS/Android/Windows 10/Other):
    House of Horrors Map (.McWorld)
    House of Horrors Behaviors (.McPack)
    House of Horrors Resources (.McPack)
  2. IMPORTANT: Once you've imported the map make sure that a behavior pack AND a resource pack is applied for the world. If not, please import the missing pack (use .McPack links above) and apply it for the world!

Download .ZIP (original download by Mojang)

(If anyone responsible for creating this map sees these links and want them removed OR replaced, then please let us know! We just created them in order to make things easier for users.)

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Must download from Marketplace or it will not work. Stop bootlegging maps!
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The sanchez squad April 13, 2021 at 8:23 pm
I cant get the damn behavior pack or resource pack so fuk this map
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Greatings,so i decided to plan a MAP TRAILER and i found this map,Could i have permit for using your map for a trailer? My channel is JohnPlayz GT,Hope you accept it! I appreciate if u do! Thanks
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This is so awesome!
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I installed the map and follow the instructions and I still didn't get a world so
plz help
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:D u who's build that things I install a lot of things thx u
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Editor can I install the texture? And the map is very cool! The monsters are cool!
The house is the biggest house I see it! I love this map!!! Editor u make nice things I love all what u do :3!!! But I wanna install the texture! For every world I see cool things! Can I install the texture? Please!
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Yes, because you might be in a country that blocks mediafire, if so, get a VPN to Japan or Hong Kong or The US. It will take quite a long time as well, I have to use a VPN to Japan, I live in China, for now though.
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Cool map, but somehow the texture pack is automatically cancelled, do you know why?
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Loved this map!! Could u please make a dropper?
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Please Make A Kid-Freindly Version
I'm Like 7
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What do you mean by 'kid-friendly?' MineCraft is a kid-friendly game as it is, I think what you meant to say was non-horror.
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Hey MCPEDL great website, please make more iOS mini game maps please you guys are awesome!!!
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It worked the 3rd time.
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Glad you got it worked out.
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Hey could u please make a shaders pack for iOS with the open in minecraft one pls thanks and it jas worked like 7 times and it's GREAY keep up the good work
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