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In this Addon You can Craft A saddle. Yup! Not only a Saddle but horse armors also. The thing we all wanted Minecraft to add from the beginning. A saddle and horse armors recipes is now possible with this addon. 


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Welcome to Craft a saddle addon. As it name suggests it helps you craft a saddle. Obviously! 

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Did I understand correctly? I need 5 iron to make the horse armor, but if I put it in the furnace I get a block of iron which is 9 iron. Isn't this disproportionate? Like it seems more like cheating
Umm I thought everyone liked buffs. Imagine it A player visiting 3 desert temples just to get 9 horse armors... Sad right But not with this addon You can get 1 whole iron block by smelting one horse armor in a BLAST Furnace.. Isn't it amazing..

To tell you the truth In Minecraft you can only get one item per smelting so yeah I just made it that way...

Oo maybe I can Make something like getting 6 ingots from putting horse armor in crafting table.. I'll think about it

And one last thing First of ALL Installing an addon is also cheating....So yeah cheating in cheating doesn't count as cheating So gimme 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ :)

Stop making people think, or I'm gonna commit Kitty war 3.