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Hunted (Raid Spawns Every 30-60 Seconds) (1.16.100)

This addon is inspired by dreams video 

Did you just watch dreams video and think I want this for bedrock so I can try it with all my friends 

Want to play normal survival but feel like your always hunted?

Want to play survival but minus the peaceful stuff?

well this addon is perfect for you  

This addon makes raids Spawn Every 30secs - 1min and add 3 new types of raids 

all raids differ from each over as some pillagers stray or group with other raids 

Amazing right? 

Welcome to hunted - Minecraft Addon 

This addon is mainly good for UHC, PVP, PvE, challenges, or just some fun with your friends   

1.16.100 support update

Raids now spawn every 30secs - 1min and add new types of raids


Spawns at night 1 then Spawns at any time 

Spawns semi often 

Spawns  1x Ravager    4x pillagers  2x vindicators  1x vex  1x pillager captain 

Has normal loot tables

Raid 1  (hard edition)

Spawns at night 1 then Spawns at any time 

Spawns rarely 

Spawns  6x pillagers   2x vindicators  1x pillager captain  1x vex  1x evocation_illager   1x ravager 

Has normal Loot tables

Raid 2

Spawns at night 1 then Spawns any time

Spawns very often 

Spawns  4x pillagers 1x vindicator  1x pillager captain 

Has normal loot tables 

What it looks like in survival and creative  (1.16.100)

Pillager villagers 

due to raids quickly overpowering the iron golem and all villagers  most villages will look like this 

Poor villagers

non-pillager villages and villagers are now rare 

Pillager outposts are now even more dangerous and harder to loot 

due to mass raids spawning, it's really hard to get to the pillager outposts and loot it without being surrounded 

Some raids group together forming a bigger raid

these raids are very common

Some pillagers stray from there raids 

these pillagers are easy to take out because they have no backup 

Most raids look like this in survival unless grouped 

40 secs into survival

normally its 1min into survival mass raids start spawning 

2mins into survival

hard right?

4mins into survival

looks a little more peaceful 

3 small pillager raids together

most raids differ from each over as some pillagers stray or group with other raids 

The normal raid spawns like normal by being triggered with bad omen and a village 

Now villages are more dangerous because now its easier to get bad omen effect

Pillagers still attack villagers so now villages will mainly be abandoned 

Building a house is not wise because you will get surrounded by pillagers and raids really fast

it's now easier to find undying totems but the constant raids make it hard to obtain 

Raids tend to group together to form a super raid   (very hard to beat)

let me know if I should change the pillager loot tables 

Should work with other addons such as thatmodpack or survivalplus 

Should also work with third-party addons 

As of 1.16.100 pillagers now track you into cave systems 



pillagers spawning fixed 

the first version of the addon

v1.01 (1.16.100 support update) 

Pillagers can now track you through caves systems 

fixed some bugs where raids will cause you to crash

Poll   (down in the comment section)

1. More raids

2. More types of pillagers

3. Raids spawn often 

I would love to hear your guys ideas to make this addon even better 

mcpedl admin I got really nothing else to explain  the addon is kinda small 

so accepting it would be appreciated thanks 

thanks to bridge for helping me to make this addon faster 

If you want to make this addon even harder make sure you turn the difficulty up 

If you review this addon in a youtube video pls leave the original link 

this addon is exclusive to    (no reuploads without my permission) 

feel free to go through the code if your a beginner or just curious just no copying thanks 

no re-uploading this addon or saying it's your or plagiarism in any way 

Be wary of linkvertise, linkvertise is safe and easy when done right 

Note: pls accept this I have nothing else to explain thank you

I added more details about raids and more images 

Select version for changelog:


added more details

support for 1.16.100

pillager villages

fixed bug where game would crash 



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Vindication Illager March 04, 2021 at 9:42 am
Hello... i am Amazed on you're creations! and especially this one! im a Fan of Illagers! and im am Watching Dream too, Dream is Cheating but he cheat because he just wan't to earn money on youtube, the only think dream make's me dissapointed is he cheated on his Real Speedrun, By the way how do we get here :/
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Hey I'm glad you like my work
I remade the iceologer in my addon called survival recrafted if you want to check it out seems you said you're a fan of illagers
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Can I please make a YouTube vid on this
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yeah, you can only if you give me credit and leave link in bio, and can you drop me the youtube channel link, please? thanks
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