Published on July 10, 2019 (Updated on May 05, 2022)

Hurt Me Plenty - Survival Addon

Two words. HARDER SURVIVAL. For harder minecrafters. So, five words, actually. And two full stops. If you've conquered everything Minecraft has to offer, and you're strolling around the overworld, the nether, the end, singing to the skies how invincible you are, but wondering all the same, "should there be more....?"

Then this pack is FOR YOU. If you dare....

Introducing the Voodoo Doll:

Some of the fun changes:

  • HARDER witches (the stars of the show, they can't wait to meet you). If they're too scary (they are) then you may keep them away with a Voodoo Doll (a rare drop from ... witches)
  • HARDER skeletons (they'll shoot you from far afar and not burn during daylight)
  • HARDER ghasts (one-hit wonders, no more)
  • HARDER zombies (fast, fast fast, plus a rare giant zombie)
  • HARDER creepers (*really* don't let them explode near your builds)
  • HARDER phantoms (spice up your night life)
  • HARDER ravagers (for when you want to trash a house)
  • HARDER vindicators (yes, really, and watch out for the little guys)
  • HARDER shulkers (a bit, anyway)
  • HARDER guardians (don't forget your fish food, oh, wait, that's you)
  • HARDER slimes (not so squishy now)
  • HARDER rabbits (at least some of the time, they can be a real *killer* hehehehe)
  • HARDER zoglins (they'll come for ya now)
  • HARDER piglins (you need to wear that gold armor!)
  • HARDER drowneds (those trident guys really have strong arms now)
  • HARDER hoglins (faster, deadlier, tougher)
  • HARDER bats (sometimes)
  • HARDER iron golems (not all one way traffic!), keep an eye out for the dire golem
  • HARDER ... you get the picture (and I can't remember any more right now!)

Some of the not-fun changes:

  • None found so far

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A bunch of things:

  • Some bats will attack
  • Restored witches to their former awesomeness - watch out
  • Fixed slimes and magma cubes (different sizes, drops correct, etc)
  • Minor improvements to bring everything in line with vanilla 1.18 changes


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make the zoglins spawn in the nether so that the Wasteland biome gets harder to get across
Please make it harder, only thing that changed that makes us die more are magma cubes and thats all, i want a bigger challenge :) (not saying this isnt a good addon)
Even harder?!? Yeah I sort've feel the same now that you mention it.... Hmmm.

Witches are always a threat though, if they catch you in the open and tag you with a poison potion you're in big trouble. They're terrifying (to me anyway!!) - one time I was in a *boat* and she was keeping up.
You should make it so it activates when you kill the ender dragon or wither
This is an awesome idea! I have no idea how to make it work though. ??
Also expanding upon that idea what if you increased the difficulty when you kill the wither it multiplies the difficulty by 2 and doubles that when you kill the dragon or if you fight it the other way around also you could nerf the foods saturation and how much food bars it gives. you could add an animal that can kill your farm animals at night if they aren't covered in a barn. These animals can jump a fence. Also, another animal that will eat your crops if they aren't protected. Also, you walk slower backward or when at low health like at 12 health or lower. kinda like some java mods that were in FTB blood and bones that would be cool. you don't really have to but it sounds like an idea that had to be put out there.
Also, I'm doing a modded survival on my Youtube channel and I want to add this to the list of mods that I have in the description I said I would add this if we got 6 likes and it is gonna happen on the 3rd episode because the 2nd has already been recorded. I've tried this before but don't have it right now.
Mysterious Wanderer November 14, 2019 at 1:56 pm
I don't like how in the newest update where Skeletons shoot 3-5 arrows for some reason, it's quite annoying.
Is the name a DOOM (1993) reference?!
I'm Too Young To Die
Okay, Not Too Rough
Hurt Me Plenty
random creeper behind while ur treeing on this mod October 04, 2019 at 10:43 pm
hello buddy, ready to get o o f e d?
*Downloads mod pack*
*walks nearby a chicken*
Me: "Why do i hear boss music?"
Finally. Add this with the hardcore mode addon and the small addon I threw together where you burn in daylight like the undead mobs. Maybe this will be the challenge I’ve been looking for. Thanks. I was planning on making an addon like this but I was too lazy. This is gonna be fun!
not trying to be that annoying guy who corrects everyone but the "hurt me plenty" difficulty is actually medium. you might wanna rename the pack to "HARDCORE" or "NIGHTMARE". other than that, this is a fun pack to make the game harder, thanks
Can you add wither skeletons next and can you make zombie pigman hostile to make the nether more challenging
Thank you ?
Can you add wither skeletons next and can you make zombie pigman hostile to make the nether more intense
Thank you ?
my favorite mod period
we call witches Agent Smiths on our server they are so savage
keep up the hits
I like how the name of it is a reference to doom and it’s definitely for those out there that thought hardcore was for sissies all and all neat little ideal