Hybrid Slabs Add-on (1.12+)

This add-on basically adds every combination available for half slabs. You can use these decorative blocks however you want, let it be building or decoration, regardless it's a dream feature a builder would love.

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  • Gave directional placement for hybrid wall slabs
  • Gave support for texture packs


Added following variants:

  • Cut copper slab
  • Exposed cut copper slab
  • Weathered cut copper slab
  • Oxidized cut copper slab
  • Waxed cut copper slab
  • Waxed exposed cut copper slab
  • Waxed weathered cut copper slab
  • Waxed oxidized cut copper slab
  • Cobbled deepslate slab
  • Polished deepslate slab
  • Deepslate brick slab
  • Deepslate tile slab


Supported Minecraft versions

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Hello, I am writing with the help of a translator
I wanted to ask when the update to 1.19 mod top
this addon isn't working
Can’t wait till 1.19 update. Love using this add on to make my houses.
didnt wirk for me
Hey I love this addon. I was wondering if I could use it in a map I’m making? I can give credit in the description.
Ah yes come back on august 9th and updatemthe game and NOT UPDATE IT TO 1.17
nice, they need this is vanilla.. be awesome if they added more slavs aswell pike dirt/grass slabs, glass slabs etc.
when will 1.16 update of this come out?
This is absolutely wonderful. On a side note, if it wouldn't eat up too much time, it may be worth some interest to look into making vertical slabs for Bedrock/PE Minecraft. Not a demand, moreso a suggestion. Then you could do this, but sideways!
oof so heart breaking to see 1.13 ;_;
You can still get it in 1.14
it takes me to adfly and its asking me to click allow to continue but i dont see 'allow' on the screen
Guest-4752344827 May 19, 2020 at 6:22 am
If it's at first part or light blue it's at the top but you have to zoom in to see it and at dark blue.just click block and after 1-20 seconds you will go to link
Can you (or someone else) make a version of this but with stairs? Would love to see maybe Concrete or possibly for some reason hay bale stairs in the game!
Link just leads to a blank page.
If you were having a hard time trying to use this add-on, don't worry because I was having a hard time too. All you need to do is download and install the packs into any world you want. Then you need to TURN ON EXPERMENTAL MODE for your world. Then you can search for your blocks and voila!