Published on April 11, 2021 (Updated on April 10, 2021)



A simple style texture pack for players better pvp 

It is different from other PVP packs. It has the same style and makes it look more unified.

Presented by ibeacon studio


First, thank you for downloading 😊!
Author: iBeaconStudio(xinxiaobiao),Emerald_LvShiJun
This material package is suitable for PVP. The material package is simple, small memory, beautiful and vivid. This version is version 3.0 and will be updated in succession.
Material package content: blocks 300 + maps, items 120 + maps, painting 1 map, UI 11 maps, particle 2 maps.
The next step is to update the maps of blocks, items and UI.

Please praise ~ ~ your support is the power of our production!

材质欣赏/Appreciation materials


Because we used for the first time, it caused many updates and many reviews. We are  SO SORRY for this.

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We modified the post again to make it look more standard and submitted it.



You will download a .zip or.mcpack file, and you can import it


  • IBSPVPpro1.mcpack

Supported Minecraft versions


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kinda resembles bare bones texture pack a bit
Thank you for your praise! BareBones is also a very good texture pack