Published on December 28, 2020 (Updated on January 01, 2021)

Ice Boat Raceway CRAZY Edition!

Here is the CRAZY Edition of the original map Ice Boat Raceway! This map is designed to make racing with friends more interesting and exciting! I have added new shortcuts and PowerUps to make the races more enjoyable!

(All Photos were taken with the use of Kelly's RTX resource Pack also found on this site!)

There are now 2 versions of the map in the downloads below! The one with Easy in the name is slower, easier packed ice version of the track. This replaces all the blue ice with packed ice to make your boat easier to control. The bottom link is the harder blue ice version which needs a bit of practise to master!

The Track itself is nearly the same as in the previous version of the map except, the 4 new shortcuts I added and the powerup rings! (As seen above!) These powerup rings will activate a powerup that can effect the track itself or other racers!  If you have never played the original map, I would recommend trying that first and then trying out this version! REMEBER, this map is NOT designed for a single player but for multiple people to play on at once. If you are playing alone, I would recommend you play the original map!

How it works?:


4 new shortcuts have been added to the original map. These include: a hyper speed cut, a piston push up blocks cut and 2 other simple shortcuts that you will soon discover!


6 powerups have been added to the track! These include: Making everyone's boats fly away, making a random player levitate in the air, removing the ground in 3 separate locations, spawning 4 creepers throughout the track, making everyone's boat disappear and red spots on a section of the track that will slow any racers down. These powerups can be activated by driving through the small white rings or driving through the pitlane!


I have added lots of arrows to the track to help point racers in the right direction!

The original map: 

When you spawn in, you will be in a room with a few different settings. These include the amount of players and the time of day (I would recommend night). If you enter the wrong amount of players you can just click the correct button to destroy any existing boat and replace them with the correct amount of new ones. When you have selected the amount of players, you can click the Start button to go to the track. Simply enter a boat and wait for the 4 red lights. They will gradually turn on and when they turn off, the blockage will disappear and the race starts! Note: The grandstands, pit buildings, lakes and forests are made purely for looks and have no purpose. 


If anyone has any feedback on how the map can be improved, I would love to hear it in the comments!

Thank You for playing and I really hope you enjoy!

See you on the Track!


Select version for changelog:


-Added an easier version of the track by replacing the blue ice with packed ice to make the boats easier to control.



  • Ice-Boat-Raceway-CRAZY-Easy_1609447902.mcworld
  • Ice Boat Raceway CRAZY Hard.mcworld
  • Ice-Boat-Raceway-CRAZY_1609254490.mcworld

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3.67 / 5 (3 votes)
Love this map, one request tho. the version that this was made for was 1.16 and above. Can you find a way to port it to 1.14.50? Me and my friends play on education edition and the version for that is 1.14.50. Love the map btw!
This is great, except that there are not ice blocks right to the sides of the track which REALLY slows me down.
That the point! You need to have control to not slow down! Thanks for the positive feedback! :)
Quick Note: For some reason there are 2 links in the download section, they are both the same thing so don't worry!
Also does anyone have any feedback? I'd love to hear it!
Now there are 3 links! The 3rd one is useless! The first is the easy version and the second is the hard version!