Published on April 01, 2018 (Updated on April 01, 2018)

nJs: Icebergs At Spawn Seed (Beta Only)

Seed ID

did anyone find a sponge room in the ocean monument?
By the way if u wanted a different ice bergs seed enter this seed: “HELL” then ur at the ice bergs in front of ur screen
There is an ocean monument and ruins in this seed
Hey Samu03, it does work you HAVE TO type in nJs with the capital J. Also, it might not work because you might not be a beta tester.
Doesn't work too.?
It doesn't works
I love this seed it looks cool
Does this blue ice hurt u? I can’t find any
Oh and,I’m first
it des not hurt you.
Ibxtoycat did this seed on a video XD...Cool
There is also a ship wreck before the iceberg
There is not any ship wreck,but there is a ocean monument